This is a list of new age minds creating music across Africa, across multiple genres, topics, ideas and patterns. The list consists of DJs, soul artist, bands, producers, rappers, singers etc. They at ...
By stevewest
50 New groundbreaking artists You Should Have On Your Radar!
I don’t remember my first time experiencing many artists. Most just filtered their way into my consciousness somehow via a well-timed feature or radio or something. But for Cole, that memory ha...
By richardoflagos
J COLE will be in Nigeria and we need to get one of our favourite rappers, Johnny Seabass to him.
When you hear ‘We Love Benie Macaulay’, you know it’s good vibes. One of the major Afro-house influencers Benie Macaulay teams up with DJ Yin to release brand new single ‘Shashe‘...
By stevewest
Voices Of Music: Benie Macaulay's 'Shashe' Featuring Dj Yin
‘What inspired the project was this one time I just left a relationship and normally times like that you just have to distract yourself and being an artist the only way I could distract my self-...
By stevewest
Voices Of Music: Yinka's Bernie's 'Façades'
Solitude, nudity, flora and fauna and everything that could come together to make up a revamp version of our vey own Olawale Ibrahim. Preacher-man-Brymo, an highly strung one at that; if you’re ...
By Richard Ogundiya
Voices of Music: Brymo's HEYA

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