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Who Is SoulBlackSheep? 

Born Alao Adedolapo, SoulBlackSheep is a 25-year-old full-time civil engineer originally from Oyo State in Nigeria. He gained his degree from the University of Ibadan in 2018 and has lived in several cities in the country including Kwara and Ogun state.

When he’s not designing infrastructure, he creates Lo-Fi/Indie music and is popular for his well-rated album Ecstacy. 

How did ‘Alao’ become ‘SoulBlackSheep’?

He officially began making music in 2017, a year before he released the heavily rated album — Ecstacy. He tells me that before the actual experimentation, he had always loved the art form and was at the time into the soft rock genre of artists such as Coldplay and The Smiths which was different from the early Nigerian hip-hop his siblings were listening to.

He was introduced into music recording through his father’s techniques to encourage him by buying him a keyboard and stirring him towards the church choir community; although Soul was not particularly thrilled to be involved in it.

His interest piqued for a second time in the university which led him to purchase his second instrument, the guitar. Soul revealed that he was initially a hip-hop enthusiast and was even part of a WhatsApp group community that shared ‘beats’ and freestyles for leisure; this hobby led him to write music. 

“I’m really just Soul. the idea was to pattern whatever comes after soul to fit whatever I’m feeling like; so at the time I was feeling like the black sheep of the family, I was acting out a lot”

How SoulBlackSheep got his name.

The most intriguing thing about Soul as an artist is how intentional his music seems, through our entire conversation, we delve into different times of his life and how his encounters have been incorporated into the music, through sound or feel.

Music to him, is a way to communicate his feelings or his experiences. He currently but internally goes by the name SoulBear and is contemplating changing the name publicly as an indication of his transformation, in emphasis, he no longer feels like the black sheep.   

For a lot of us, if not every one of us, Soul’s music is as relatable as it gets; he supports this, explaining his music as a reflection of what is happening to and with him at the time of creation. Which is probably what makes it seem sad, not to quote him, he feels that a lot of people are sad and are really just pretending to be happy, all on the pursuit of happiness but we’re living in sadness. 

Listening to his music, you are likely predisposed to emotions surrounding heartbreak, loss, depression, and even humour in some cases (in my opinion at least).

Soul’s music is often created with WeTalkSound; a group that he has been familiar with from school. Other than this, he writes his music himself and learned production, mixing, and the technicals through YouTube tutorials. Before his knowledge of production, he often recorded using unconventional ways.

Led by Dolapo Amusat WeTalkSound Are Making A Run For Greatness

In fact, he revealed to me that his first official project, an EP titled On Melancholy Days, was made entirely on his phone in the space of a weekend in Abeokuta which was how he made a lot of music at the time.

This unconventional method was what led him to the Lo-Fi genre. He explains that because he was using his phone, random sounds from his surroundings would drop in the recording which was the general idea behind the genre. 


A year after he released Ecstacy, which was my favourite project for several months and a tracklist that got me through several early mornings and difficult nights. SoulBlackSheep gave to us It’s just loneliness, a seven-track album that channelled a consistent yet distinct aura of emotions. 

He breaks down the making of the project, telling me it was somewhat a product of the pressure he was receiving from supporters. He explains that the friendly harassment from twitter folks pushed him into making and dropping a second album. Although he is grateful for the overwhelming support, he understands now that he is no longer making the music for just himself. 

“You say you enjoy the music right?, I don’t think you enjoy it more than I do. I used to play ecstasy on repeat and sing along night after night and day after day. What was important for me was that I enjoy it myself first of all before I share it and by the time I put it out it’s not at the top of my mind, how many plays it gets or whether people even see it. It allows me to be able to make the music organically for myself; like I’m not adding this because I want people to enjoy it or removing this because I want people to enjoy it, I’m doing it because it sounds right to me.” 

On the influence of Ecstasy, he talks about Folashade, in 2017. He speaks on the significance introspectively because as we’ve understood, it wasn’t the best year for him productively. He says that period of time for him included a lot of drinking and drugs, and of course hanging out with Fola, which all helped him worry less and understand himself more.

“Ecstasy, Just chill. It was basically just living, worries aside.” – which was everything that the album felt like. 


Soul reveals to me that he has had a couple of feature requests from artists and producers but is currently more comfortable working alone. Regardless, he has promised that he would jump on more feature projects, and even more singles in 2020.

He’ll also like to work with fellow Indie artist Aylø. The artist discloses that he plans on doing more shows and performances and has even attempted one with Yinka Bernie in December of 2018.

Finally, he tells me he is at the point where he is tasking himself to be more socially active and have a better relationship with his supporters and audience through social media. 

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