The Timeless Hit-Making Relationship between SARZ and Niniola

Niniola debuted in the earlier periods of 2014 releasing the dancehall single “ibadi” enlisting Sarz, this marked their first Artiste/Producer collaboration. We saw more collaboration from them in 2015 when “Soke” graced the Nigerian airplay. Following the release of these songs, Niniola set out on the journey to gain the title of ‘Queen of Afrohouse’, a title she has subsequently earned.

It has been a surreal journey for the songstress, her debut album was a versatile project of Afro house (her signature tune), R&B and soul, the album housed two hits Maradona and Sicker which made 2017 an eventful year in music. Maradona became a monster hit on Nigerian and South African radio alike. French DJ & producer DJ Snake remade the song and titled it Maradona Riddim. Maradona was also recognized by The Grammys for containing elements used in a track on the Lion King Soundtrack, and Niniola was awarded a plaque.

We had a meeting in the studio, and the minute I walked in, I told him I want a hit song, Niniola says. He laughed at me – ‘You haven’t even released any songs!’  I just said, ‘it has to be worth my money.’

Niniola revealed in an interview with Rolling stone back in February how she met Sarz

Other Sarz produced songs Sicker and Magun had successful runs, the latter in which she sings about being laced with a charm. Magun is a kind of charm believed to be put upon an unfaithful sexual partner in Yoruba culture. The song also scored a remix and featured South African songstress Busiswa and was again reproduced by Sarz.

Sarz has worked and produced quite a number of hit songs for other remarkable Nigerian acts, the late Goldie’s 2012 track Don’t touch my body, Dagrin’s Kondo, and Wizkid’s Jaiye Jaiye are to name a few. But with Niniola there is almost a flawless force between her and Sarz, the catchphrase “Nini de o” and “Really” are ecstatic openers in their collaborations.

Why do Niniola and Sarz make an inseparable and noteworthy pair? The Afro-house queen has worked with Legendary Beatz who produced eights songs from her debut project. And also Kel p who fashioned out two singles Boda Sodiq and Fantasy which featured the prestigious Femi Kuti. But for some reason, Sarz still sits at the top echelon of hitmakers in her catalogue.

Not enough credit usually goes out to the producers responsible for the music we enjoy. In March music lovers witnessed two prominent producers in Nigeria, Shizzi and Sarz go toe to toe in a battle of hits songs on Instagram Live. The e-concert triggered an awakening in the public that producers are really a crucial aspect of a song.

Sarz’ most recent entente with Niniola is the jaunty Omo Rapala with its lyrics conversed in Yoruba which is a hallmark of the singer’s artistry. While Niniola is not the only artist to weave Yoruba into lyricism, she makes it raunchy and it sounds risqué in a manner unique to her.

Addicted is the latest release from the Afro-house diva which is made up of elements of amapiano and afrobeat. Fantasy, Omo Rapala and Addicted are potential songs that will build up her sophomore album Colours and Sounds which is scheduled to drop in September.

Sarz’ snazzy afrobeat production coupled with Niniola’s bilingual lyricism is a match made in heaven that will continue to blossom.


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