Why Don’t You Know Sangulani Chikumbutso?

A lot of amazing things are happening right now in Africa, the internet age attracts more Africans across the continent into the New Age, More Branches has always prided itself on breaking the news on new ideas, individuals, companies, and millennials pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in our third world continent and today we add to the list – Sangulani Chikumbutso, an amazing Zimbabwean inventor and founder of Saith Technology who’s been inventing incredible things for about ten years with no media spotlight capturing his greatness.

A Form 2 dropout, Chikumbutso has never attended technology school or university since then, he was born and bred in the high-density suburb of Kuwadzana, Chikumbutso’s journey started in 1997 when he started experimenting with various technologies while in Kuwadzana. At one point he was profiled on ZBCTV as a prominent young man in the innovation industry. He developed the first Green Power Prototype generator which produces 100% clean consumable energy using Radio Frequencies.
In 1999, he built his first successful project which was a Radio broadcast transmitter for which he made the headlines on ZBC news. He started broadcasting, though illegally. The project fell away due to lack of funding. 

In 2001, under the mentorship of Rose Mazula, then Broadcasting Association of Zimbabwe Chairperson, he developed what he named the Digital Navigation Facilitator which is used to facilitate landing of aircraft from variables that include the size of the aircraft, its position in altitude, speed and so on. By 2009, the first prototype of the Greener generator began to work generating 1,200 Watts, but still, no one was interested in funding the project. Maxwell was invited by the Government of Lesotho to do a presentation of his project. He was offered a $1.2 million dollar deal but turned it down after he met with Zach Wazara, former Econet CEO and founder of Broadcom.

The USA Government saw what Africa did not and California is now our HOME, the Head Office of Saith Holdings Inc. I always love AFRICA and I’m so proud of being born and raised in AFRICA. I will surely come back to Zimbabwe where everything started.” said Chikumbutso who’s relocated after poor support from the African government.

Since founding his company Saith Technologies, he’s invented Saith Backpack IP Mesh, AP Bridge,  Saith Vehicle Mount Solution, Saith IS-497HB, Saith Hex Copter (His two-seater helicopter uses six different types of fuel and uses very little fuel than normal helicopters) and his prize invention, an electric car he says would not require recharging.

“The Saith Holdings electric car – the SAITH – is certainly the first in Zimbabwe and absolutely in the world according to the description given. We all have heard and know about electric car technology – right?. What we all may not know is that Chikumbutso’s electric car defies what is known in physics as the (law of conservation of energy) which has made it elusive worldwide or shall we say until now to create a perpetual energy machine. Sangulani has just created that evasive perpetual energy machine in the Saith. The car travels at maximum 90kph and has enough horsepower to pull a Ford Ranger vehicle with six people inside, he told us emphatically. All this time the car would be generating its own energy to run as well as to power your home when you park it. Yes, when it’s parked you can run a line to your house to power your house using the car!”

It’s sad Maxwell has left Africa for greener pastures, but his inventions and impact should be highlighted more, to fuel the fire of other young Africans dreaming of building things that work. We can’t overemphasize the need for more indigenous private investors and support from the government, policies, and regulations that make technological advancement in the continent successful, and not myths for emerging generations.


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