More Labs Digital is a media network creating super engaging content and experiences for quintessential African Millennials and Gen Z. Africa is currently experiencing a ‘buzz’ like never before, and hyperlocal content is on high demand.

Our network is on an expedition to document contemporary culture, and the ebbs and flows of a continent being restructured by its youth who are the fastest growing, youngest generation on any continent. By 2050, one in four people on the planet will be African.

Starting with More Branches, a premier publication which has been resonating with young Africans since 2017. An antithesis of legacy media, we break the news, and dive into subcultures across the continent to keep an informed and actice viewership on and offline.

More Branches operates on a pledge of thorough reporting and championing essential fact-finding, in order to publish authentic representions of the movement of African society across different sectors.

More Labs Digital stands tall in Africa’s digital media landscape, emerging as a trailblazing network that caters to the diverse interests of millions of African Millennials and Gen Z. 

For brands, More Labs is a media network tailor-made for urban centric African Millennial and Gen Z worldwide, a demographic with an ever growing voice and purchasing power. Instead of calling it niche, because sometimes niche can be interpreted as marginal or small in scope, it’s more apt to say we’re focused.

Our goal is to create a solid media network that tells African stories in consideration of hyperlocal contexts. Founded by Richard Ogundiya, Adedayo Laketu and Nasir Ahmed Achile, we take pride in showcasing ‘Africa’s NEXT,’ spotlighting remarkable stories, and featuring interesting individuals and organizations.