‘Adventure Time’, one of Cartoon Network’s top rated shows comes to an end

When you turn 15-18, it’s typical for your parents to find it redundant to watch cartoons. Cartoons aren’t for adults they say, especially when it’s a cartoon on the kid’s channel Cartoon Network but I learned growing up from my dad that cartoons aren’t only for kids, they’re made by adults for one. ‘Adventure Time‘ is a show that breaks the space between both age groups and allows each demographic to find something they can relate to through the realism of the show.

Creator Pendleton Ward made Adventure Time as an animated TV series in the spirit of a Dungeons & Dragons game, reaching an audience of over 3 million viewers per episode, it attracted a cult following most shows will die for. Beginning in 2010, the 11-minute show running for 10 years will be coming to an end in a special four-part episode called “Come Along with Me” which aired yesterday. This will bring an end to Finn who started as a 12-year-old wild, adventure-hungry kid and ending as a 17-year-old teen with a peaceful heart after reflecting on his world (Jeremy Shada, who voices Finn, was 13 himself when the show first aired, and you can hear his voice deepen and mellow as Finn himself becomes more mature) and his magical dog, Jake.

Pen tweeted me, ‘Hey I have a cartoon that just got picked up from Cartoon Network, you wanna be in it?’” Milonakis said. “I watched it and was blown away with how different it was… I was instantly obsessed and a fan.” Milonakis voiced the lovably annoying Never-Ending Pie-Throwing Robot.

The Land of Ooo was a journey for all of us who devoted our time to its vast highly emotionally intelligent characters, adventures, antagonists with broken backstories that make us have sympathy for their evil, foreign languages, post-apocalyptic themes, and a lot of life lessons.

‘Like the Ice King, for example. The character we thought was a prototypical villain turns out to have been a scientist, loving husband, and caretaker to a little girl in need — but then tragically corrupted by the magic he needed to protect them in the post-apocalypse. The princess who needed rescuing now more often does the rescuing herself. She’s also revealed, however indirectly, to be in an on-and-off again romance with Marceline the Vampire Queen.’, Mashable writes about the ephemeral nature of life embedded into most of the show’s notable storylines. 

Unlike other cartoons stuck in one-time frame expanded on over the years, for instance, Simpsons, the world of Adventure Time changes over time allowing us to grow with the characters and stories. The show’s simple yet sometimes complex adventures tales life as not always being fair. Good things don’t last forever. A reality most cartoons are afraid to portray.

Monday’s quadruple-length finale brings an end for dozens of characters, with a climactic battle and reborn Finn. In “Come Along With Me”: Princess Bubblegum’s war with her Uncle Gumbald reaches a fever pitch until some dream-based struggle allows the pair of candy people to realize they don’t need to resolve their differences through violence. Betty’s attempt to cure Ice King dovetails with Maja the Sky Witch to summon GOLB, the closest thing to Adventure Time has to an evil god. Led by BMO and the power of song, the heroes prevail and avert the apocalypse.

It’s been an incredible run with Adventure Time and all the special guests who have voiced it’s many characters. We’re happy to close this chapter.

Adedayo Laketu

Adedayo Laketu is a creative inventor who's interested in curating a New Age for Africa across all mediums.

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