Apple AirPods Are the Best Selling True Wireless Earpods in the World


According to an analysis done by Counterpoint Research Apple’s Airpods are the highest selling true wireless earbuds in the market, dominating 60% of the market in Q4 2018.

Apple reportedly accounts for approximately 7.5 million of the true wireless earbuds in the ears of commuters and consumers around the globe. Despite Apple’s shares being “dented as customers waited for the new generation of AirPods,” as reported by Counterpoint Research, the company held an incredible lead over rival true wireless earbud companies such as JLabJabra and Samsung.

Apple still faced tough competition from its international rivals, as companies such as Samsung, Jabra, iQ Podz and JLab performed well in the North American market. Apple didn’t perform as well in Europe and saw Jabra overtake the majority of the European market share with 14%. Finally, Apple’s presence in China was no competition to its Chinese competitors such as QCY, Honor and Edifier who can offer similar true wireless earbuds at a competitive price.

Take a look at the statistics for yourself in Counterpoint Research’s press release.

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