Showmax Surpasses Netflix to Become Africa’s Leading Streaming Platform


Showmax, an online subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) service, has surpassed Netflix as Africa’s largest streaming platform, with a market share of 39% as of November 2023, according to Omdia Research. This significant shift in the African streaming market is a result of Showmax’s strategic investments, local content focus, and strong understanding of local preferences.

As of the same period, Showmax had 2.1 million subscribers, while Netflix had 1.8 million. Amazon Prime Video, with 300,000 subscribers, followed as a distant third. Showmax’s success is attributed to its deep understanding of local content, partnerships with HBO and Comcast, and a strong relationship with local creators.

The platform’s commitment to local content and its vast mix of international content, coupled with the best of live sport, has made Showmax a preferred choice for viewers across the continent. Showmax’s parent company, MultiChoice, has a vast network and has been building TV channels across Africa since 1995, giving the platform a significant advantage in the market.

Netflix, which entered the African market in 2016, has seen its market share slip to 35%, reflecting the challenges it faces in retaining its subscriber base amid a landscape of evolving preferences and competition. The African streaming market, poised to grow annually by 10.4%, is becoming a battleground for various platforms eyeing a slice of Netflix’s slowing subscriber growth.

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