The Rise of Mushin Loud

If you’re a follower of the drug scene in Lagos, you know there’s been two major headlines dominating the streets lately. First is the viral takeover of Colorado (which I don’t really recommend for anyone cause it sucks ass) and the emergence of a new form of high-grade weed which I’ve gone on to term ‘Mushin Loud’ because that’s where I first heard of it.

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What Is Mushin Loud You Might Ask?

If my weed degree is as worthy as I think it is, I’ll say Mushin loud is Nigeria’s attempt at creating our first ever strain. This might seem outrageous but I really think we’re up to something. Sometime in 2015, weed started having a comfortable seat in popular culture and we were presented with the first taste of a Lagos born strain ‘Arizona’ on the Lekki waterside. Later on, a more heady strain ‘Marley’ came into the limelight, distinguishing levels to reggie weed in Lagos.

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From around 2017 to my knowledge, came the proliferation of Loud and created a sort of classism within the smoker community. All of sudden we realised ‘Arizona’ wasn’t the peak of smoking, we’d barely scratched the surface. The bravest suppliers imported strains of our dreams into Nigeria, and Lekki became the epicenter of an elevated taste level of smoking.

The rush to find a dealer that could serve your urges with a new strain was exhilarating but it also came at a price. 5k for a good cup that lasted two/three joints maybe and 10k if things were really right and the price only went up from there for more quantity. For the average Nigerian that was a lot to handle on a constant basis, hence the back and forth of both worlds, struggling between loud today and SK tomorrow.

Eventually the streets presented solution to this dilemma, cue the birth ‘Mushin Loud’. This specie is a loud version of Arizona which means it’s a fresher and more potent bud than average SK. It’s still not as strong as a ‘purple haze’ or ‘Girl Scout Cookies’ but it packs its own punch. With 5k you can get 15k worth of your normal loud.

How’s The High & Feel?

Just like any other local strain in Nigeria, it mostly has an indica effect with a smoother feel than the typical Reggie kush. It also has less seeds than Reggie kush and the buds feel fresher and sometimes smell as good as other loud strains. If you get a good dealer, with a fresh batch you can be expecting a very good high.

Pro Tip: The difference between other loud strains and Mushin loud will most likely be Mushin loud always has a seed or two somewhere, but true loud strains are seedless. So don’t get scammed out the two.

Why Does Any Of This Matter?

If you’re a weed fanatic like I am, this is super interesting to observe. The birth of Mushin loud is a reaction to how strong the weed community in Lagos has become. To create our own strain of loud is a big boost to creating more locally-grown strains. Also, the more sustainable the local weed community becomes, the more likely legalization becomes. And in having locally grown strains that dealers and consumers can rely on, the cost of getting a gram of weed will reduce tremendously and this will give more people access to good quality weed.

How To Get Mushin Loud?

Most local dealers have Mushin Loud. It’s sold on the mainland and Mushin which is a hub. You’ll probably not be able to directly ask for it, but if you source well enough you should be able to find a dealer that can point you in the right direction. If you get the right dealer you can get half an ounce for a very good price.

Rate This So Called ‘Mushin Loud’?

Honestly, I’ll still rather ring up my dealer in Lekki and order up some Diamond OG. But on every other day I can’t do that I definitely pick up Mushin loud instead. In summary, it’s not as good as some OG strains but It’s way better than Marley.

Side note: You can get good loud from all over Lagos and other states in Nigeria too, it’s not a must it’s Lekki.

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