UndergroundShuffle: Spotlights new music from Jinmi Abduls, Nkiru, Kuneli, H.O.M.A & More

#UndergroundShuffle playlist on More Branches is back! We have been giving voices to upcoming creators. Consistently spotlighting amazing records from underground acts. As we at MoreBranches help you sift through profound songs from talented underground acts cutting across various genres and through Africa with our playlist every Wednesday. This week’s releases promise an offering of delectable sounds soothing for the soul with good listening pleasure.

Jinmi Abduls with his gold-plated delivery alludes to the beauty of his woman’s body. Encouraging her to keep on rocking and accompanying her friends along to his gig makes the rendition fascinating. “Saro,” evokes a wonderful rhythm. It’s a cocktail with enticing instrumentals and appealing melodies, strong and capable to open this week’s playlist.

Nkiru, is gifted. In her new track “Suffer,” she speaks on the incapability of government. Becoming a voice for the masses to speak about their many plights, she made a very strong statement that everyone can relate to

Kuneli’s “Guard Down,” unfolds with an appealing sound. Exploring relationships and advising individuals to learn to put their guard down. Kuneli is distinct, she has something unique with her sound. As H.O.M.A, strongly dazzles on “Fashnova.” With his structure of the music, the art right from the graphics to the visuals, and his magnetic delivery. One truly has to love him up. Nothing less. Confirming that H.O.M.A genuinely brings something different and gradually the world would realize.

Other notable releases this week include songs from Sknny, Delis, Tibu, Slymkrez, Titu Owusu, Valerie Omari feat. The Rabbi Himself and more.

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