Voices OF Music: Simi’s second studio album ‘Simisola’.

Simisola by Simi.
Album Cover.

Simi’s self-titled second studio album was released on 8th of September, It’s her debut project under X3M Music and it comes with a quite a variety. Here’s a track – by – track analysis:

Remind me: Simi opens the album with this soft R&B track about love’s true meaning. Carefully listening, I realized that the track covers a lot of selfish acts people do that have become norm, pretentious behaviors and the likes.
I could only guess that she was referring to God as the one who asked her to love, or it wasn’t him? And who was she asking to remind her?

Joromi: Pre-released. Any fan of old school Nigerian music will definitely know that this is a new school take on an old school hit and I must say, she killed it on this one.

Aimasiko: Even though this is a modern rendition of an Ebenezer Obey classic, Simi’s version has come to stay. This beautiful piece serves as a reminder to not give up on God for your heart desires. It reminds us to be patient and wait on him. He is everything!

Complete me: The tune is so beautiful, still reminds me of another Ebenezer Obey’s song [Hey girl?! Was he your inspiration?]
Simi sings about love that is everything to her. She compares love to a lot of symbiotic relationships [sky without the skies, sun without the light, etc]. Ladies, you will probably relate to this one, you know the feelings at the beginning of a crush… relationship? And truly, what’s a heart without a beat.

Gone for good: Another R&B track, the lyrics are not as shallow or basic as the usual tunes we hear everyday. This amazing track can be at the top of your Playlist if your ex decides to come back after calling it quits. Shebi na you tell me goodbye baby!!!

One kain: In this groovy tune, Simi sings about unsure feelings. The beat is smooth and you can hear the drums, they seem to be her favourite instrument on this album.
This one doesn’t sound like her regular work [does she really have a regular sound?], but she definitely passes her message across.

Take me back: The track opens with a strumming guitar. The track has Simi begging her lover ‘Kunle’ to take her back. The tune sounds like something out of a telenovela. Adekunle Gold does well to own it and keep it sounding cultural.
The best part of the song? All of it!!

O Wa N’be: We are back to the Fuji sound. Sounds like something from old school and modified. It is a very nice track that will fit into all the parties this fall. If you hear this one at a wedding reception, get up and dance, I mean we all have a bit of Mummy Resi in us yeah?

Smile for me: It has been out for a while so I guess I would add it to the bonus track list.

Angelina: You just have to love the simplicity of the drums on this track. On this one, Angelina represents a ‘sidechick’ that has probably traumatized the singer emotionally. The track is a description of the life of a ‘fuck boy’ and a lady that has made up her mind not to remain around and be taken for granted.

Tracklist for Simisola.

Love don’t care: Hasn’t this one been around for over year now? It should have been left as a single that it has always been.

Hip hop hurray: Honestly this track came as a surprise. In the beginning, you are given a heads up to pause other activities and get ready to dance by the time the chorus hits. Triple thumbs up to the producer. Hip hop hurray now!!!!

Jamb question: I think we’re all very familiar with this ballad. Another bonus track.

Tiff: Even though this song is an old single and thank God its another bonus track, I just have to drop this here. This track is pure. Simi sings like an angel on this one. Tiff is definitely going to be an evergreen song.

Simisola the album is definitely loaded with lots of goodies for everyone to enjoy. A lot of bonus tracks though, all old ones, I thought she said she was going to perfect this album, so why did she flood it with oldies? Another question artistes leave their fans to answer.
It is really impressive how she made old school sound so cool and beautiful, I have give that to her.
From her lyrics you can tell that Simi is not ‘an empty
drum’, there is a lot of substance in her words, she sings about a lot of relatable things. Also, I feel that there is a song for everybody on this album. For me it was Aimasiko? It took me back to road trips with my dad. What track is it for you?

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