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The Rendezvous playlist is M.I ABAGA‘s recent body of work. It’s his 7th studio album.
A fine blend of the old and new artists in the Nigerian music scene. After the controversy that surrounded his most criticised single YRSFUYL {You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Life}, this body of work shows M.I heeding his own advice. As he collaborates with a younger, a more intriguing blend of acts like Odunsi, Chillz, Nonso Amadi, Straffitti, Santi, Tomi Thomas, BlaqBonez, Moelogo, Dice Ailes, industry greats like Falz, SDC and a host of other.
SA rappers out here killing ya’ll. – MI ABAGA.
The introduction of South Africa hip-hop heavyweight Cassper Nyovest and AKA was all the playlist needed to give it that hip-hop ambiance.
The first song off the playlist, Sunset Feat. Chillz gives a proper insight into the everyday Lagos living. The hip-hop presence might not be that heavy, but it’s that song you put on full blast and just hit the highway. From a very hectic day at work to chilling over a couple of bottles with friends in the club, It paints a perfect picture of what the average Lagosian goes through to make ends meet. As we can hear M.I singing “what a day, what a day, Hustle hard for the pay”. Written by Chillz and M.I with production by TMXO and Chillz with Cool FM OAP, DO2DTUN giving it a ceremonial end.
With lyrics as hot as pepper SOUP, with Cassper Nyovest adding the much need spice, it’s the second song off the playlist, a sincere Hip-hop anthem. As we see MI and Cassper go back and forth spitting fire bars. It’s a story of how they hustled their way to the top with a constant reminder of their legendary status. M.I might just be the new king of hooks as he delivers on a Higo produced beat.
If you look at where I’m from
How I got to where I am
They used to never give a fuck
Now they know that I’m the man
Now I pull up like a boss with the [?]
Y’all niggas in soup
You niggas salty and
And Imma show you pepper damn
Y’all niggas in soup
If you look at where I’m from
How I got to where I am
They used to never give a fuck
Now they know that I’m the man.
With Cassper being the new face of South African Hip Hop, He reminds us on his verse that after the rain comes the sunshine,
Yeah, I remember coming up
Shit was tough, now we heated
Nigga pepper
Get off the plane with a roof in a smooth
In Bentley with a best friend
Globe trotting through
Different stages, while I’m eating
Nigga Pac-Man.
Playlist Feat. Nonso Amadi, the third song off the playlist is definitely one for the ladies. With a soft application of percussion to very catchy lyrics, it’s a song that will get you bumping your head for sure. The song shows M.I in another light as he experiments on a different path of sound. Is there an actual girl somewhere? We are yet to discover.  As M.I professes undying love and promises in his verse. King of the new school, Nonso Amadi also came correct with his fire hook and produced the track with additional production from M.I.
Girl we gotta work out the playlist
When you rocking with M
It’s only A-List
I don’t want no other ladies
Only you I want to give me babies
Trips to the island and Paris
Crushing in the drop top Mercedes
Imma workout so we can stay rich.
Jungle Feat. Tomi Thomas and Santi, fourth song of the playlist is a true definition of getting wasted in Lagos. A real ‘ALTE‘ sound. Song introduces Tomi Thomas as the party initiator ‘I’ve got trees for the whole team‘. Santi shares in the ‘party and get wasted‘ idea. His Patois laced verse was all the cruise the song needed.
Who da bam baga wanna breakup
Yeah yeah?
A vibe man jiggy now ya breakup
Yeah yeah?
Nah me no want spliff, he know ya break
Yeah yeah?
I see her digging in the deep for the nighter
We now come stomping on the streets and we hyper
We now come cracking in the heat with a lighter.
Song ends with artiste VIC O’s phone call conversation with a lady promising her a night in the sky, “all bill on me“. Production credits to Chopstix & MI ABAGA.
Wats D Level Feat. Ckay AND JoulesDaKid Is the fifth song off the Rendezvous playlist. M.I takes us on another level with this song, Hip-hop is in full effect. Features label mate Ckay (who we know now, the fuck is) and new school rapper JoulesDaKid. CKAY introduces the song by asking ‘WATS d level‘ and M.I makes it rain bars as always, JoulesDaKid wraps it up with his powerful lyrical delivery, Ckay was also on production duty.
Kososhi Feat. Wande Coal, sixth song on the playlist, a proper Afro trap song. Beat FM OAP Douglas Jekan gave the introduction to the song being the shortest song on the playlist at a minute thirty-eight seconds, I have a hunch this was done purposefully to increase play power.
We can’t hide the fact that Wande Coal’s hook is on a wave of its own ‘2000 and Kososhi‘. M.I emphasizes on the fact that time is money, ‘oh niggar let me be if making money is not the topic’. Another TMXO production.
M.I is still their father on Your Father Feat. Dice Ailes, seventh song on the playlist. When Dice Ailes is not singing on Ella, he is dropping hooks and Intros for label boss MI ABAGA. M.I and Dice went all out with their hip-hop game on full blast as they addressed issues ailing the Nigerian society with production credits going to Ckay.
NEPA no give us light but dey disturb us with bills we go tell them their father.
Police dey stop us for road dey harass us for road we go tell them their father.
A way to know an amazingly talented artiste is when they’re confronted with a very technical beat. Moelogo and his amazing vocals did justice to ONE WAY, the 8th song on the playlist. The song focuses on relationships and all it brings to the table. As we see M.I expressing his inner emotions, and furthermore proves his versatility as he raps and sings in his verse. Internet sensation Charles Okocha wraps it up with his word of advice to the up and coming. Song was produced by Jude Abaga and Chopstix.
What’s hip-hop without brags about achievements? M.I is not known for the social media show-offs.  So, he addresses this ON CODE also having the production credits to the track which features South African cocky hip-hop rapper AKA.
I made a hundered million last year, nobody knows
I got the hottest girl in the game, nobody knows
I bought a car for my family, nobody knows
Real Nigga do real shit on a low because we do it on code
Yeah we do it on code. – MI Agbaga
Popping Feat. Odunsi The Engine and Ghost [SDC] is the 10TH song on the album. It’s an obvious reminder of how much fame attracts people. People who’ll only stay because the sail is smooth, one of the inspirations behind the Rendezvous album. Odunsi compels us as always with his very catchy hook,“everybody loves it when you popping” he also produced the track. M.I and Ghost share lessons on removing the fakes from one’s path while focusing on what’s really needed.
Jiggy Feat. Terry Apala is the 11th song on the playlist. We see M.I appreciate the outward qualities of the African woman. As he obviously wants to get JIGGY with them.  The hip-hop laced beat is a perfect blend of M.I lyrical prowess. Haruna Ishola influenced Terry Apala, did justice to the hook. Song was produced by Chillz and TMXO.
Lekki ft. Odunsi, AJEBUTTER 22 and Falz is its most commercial song, 12th song on the playlist, Odunsi was on a higher wave when he produced this song. The song starts with that Warri Girl saying;
Bros, abeg abeg abeg abeg
I no fit follow you go Mainland
If e no be Lekki, I no dey comot for here
Nor dey shin shin me na Lekki abeg,
Reason am!
Odunsi came in with his own creativity much needed in the hook. M.I brought his commentary with his verse but the stars of the song are comic rappers Falz & Ajebutter who both painted the theme of the song with their lyrics excellently while keeping us moving.
Slow Features Straffitti and Blaqbonez, a really slow vibe. It’s that song you put on full blast on your car stereo after a wasted night in the club. M.I immediately gets to Bussines with his first line ‘I be so high man I need parachutes’.
Straffitti’s hook is one to die for, while Blaqbones consistently wows us with his lyrical flows.
Cool FM OAP Kemi Smallz wrapped things up in grand style with her putting. Production credits go to Hvrry & Higo.
The CREW Feat. Yung L and is a statement, one of founded on the Lagos party story, it’s the 14th song on the playlist with its’s catchy percussion and powerful lyrical delivery, CREW is that feel alright song.
OAP Omaliicha draws the curtains as the song fades with production by Jude Abaga, Gplus, and Chopstix.
The final track on the playlist as M.I ABAGA teaming up with Caribbean island born singer, Trigga Madtonic on Sunrise. We cannot help but applaud Trigga mad tonic patois delivery as he effortlessly completes the song. Song has a ragga feel to it.  Produced by Chopstix and Jude Abaga.

M.I Abaga takes us all on a journey of musical genres with Rendezvous: The Playlist.  The body of work showcases different sides of M.I, as he dares himself to try new sounds.  Contributions from ‘alte’ guys like Odunsi, GMK, Santi, Tomi Thomas and a host of others, were useful in the creative process of the playlist. It’s a good experiment by M.I, a bold move more industry veterans should try, allowing a mix of something new in their music.

Written By Isaiah Micheal.



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