5 Places to get dope Reggie weed in Lagos

The weed culture in Nigeria is growing, we’ve left the long years of being castigated because you dabble in a little herb now and again. The stigma of being called a hooligan isn’t common place amongst our generation who have seen other countries adopt marijuana for medical and recreational uses.

With more than half the population under 35, there’s a lot of young open-minded Lagosians. This has increased the interest in weed varieties and accessories to enhance the experience. Recently, there’s been a ‘loud frenzy’ happening, but for a higher price, creating classes between consumers.

When we want to get that ‘good good’ we opt for the best loud dealers, so we can get a 5/10k bag that’ll last long enough till our next fix.

Moments like these take me back to the good ol’ days, when my trusted street dealer who sold me ‘Igbo’, ‘Arizona’, ‘SK’, had ushered me into the world of ‘cloud 9’.

I could always rely on my dealers at the corner of every Lagos hood, or a simple direction from the bike man to the closest ‘Zanga’ when you’re broke and can’t maintain your loud habit, or like me, your dealer is currently on holiday and decides to ignore your calls.

So I’ve made a list of good Reggie weed sold across Lagos for people who can’t afford the demands of perpetual loud but still always want to enjoy a quality high. I got you.

Ikate — Marley

Our first stop is probably the most popular and expensive on the list. A full bag [which is a really fat bag] goes for about 1,000 Naira and you’re guaranteed to roll a lot of joints. I advice you get a crusher because the buds can be difficult to grind with your fingers.

The high is pretty cerebral and very calming, it’s good for nights you just want to chill and have a good time or you’re just trying to relax at home. I won’t advice you smoke it in public spots that don’t allow weed cause it has a powerful scent (most reggies do). You can get it around Ikate, Lekki.

Yaba — Stone/Pappy J

I got introduced to this during a transformational period in my life, and it actually helped me a lot. The last two quarters of 2017 are surrounded with memories of me visiting Pappy J in Yaba–the name of the joint and weed popular to most Unilag students.

It gives a calm indica like high, better quality with lesser sticks and stone than Marley. The lowest strain of Pappy J’s bush weed starts from 500 with the german strain and stone going for 1000 and 1500 respectively. They also have loud buds if you’re looking to get a gram that goes for 5k which is the standard around.

Shitta – Larinka

There’s a popular folk tale about Larinka, which is found in Surulere, and it goes that there was a time in Wizkid’s life that this was all he used to smoke. Honestly no one knows how true this is because StarBoy himself has never mentioned it or denied it either.

As you can guess it’s really good stuff and for something so good it’s really really cheap, you can get one for around 100 Naira and it comes with brown rolling papers! Jackpot!
The high can be used for work or recreational purposes, and very smooth. They’re also almost smooth enough to roll without a crusher.

Mushin — Paw Paw

No need to worry ‘Paw Paw’ isn’t some street name for ‘Colorado’, it’s just another type of SK. It’s found in the more chaotic parts of Lagos, and is super cheap as you can imagine but it still feels as smooth as it’s other counter parts.

The high is mellow and gentle, it’s a good way to start smoking before going to the much stronger stuff.

New Afrikan Shrine – Arizona

I can’t end this list without the most famous smoking spot in Lagos, Nigeria, Thé New Afrikan Shrine home of Fela’s soul and family. It’s the new home to ‘Arizona’, a popular form of SK that first popped in Lekki long before Loud took over the mind of every dealer.

You can never go wrong with a 500 Naira bag of Arizona. Simple and short.

What we’ve learnt ?

Well, I’ve basically given you the tools needed to have a healthy and cheap smoking life. I definitely can’t put the exact locations but if you’re really into the culture and not some SARS detective you should be able to solve the puzzle.

Unfortunately, the reggie weed we’ve listed out all have strong indica symptoms. If you’re looking for a sativa buzz this isn’t the place for you.

Have fun! Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments.

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