5 Tips For Surviving The Lagos Heatwave


The weather in Nigeria, especially if you’re living in Lagos, the most populous city in West Africa has been quite fucked up recently and it’s all due to the heatwave the entire country is currently facing.

heat wave, or heatwave, is a period of excessively hot weather, which may be accompanied by high humidity, especially in oceanic climate countries. While definitions vary, a heat wave is usually measured relative to the usual weather in the area and relative to normal temperatures for the season.

Heat waves happen when there is trapped air that will feel like the inside of an oven! Usually, the culprit is a high-pressure system that forces air downward.

This force prevents air near the ground from rising. The sinking air acts like a cap. It traps warm ground air in place. Without rising air, there was no rain, and nothing to prevent the hot air from getting hotter.

Navigating the city has been extremely crazy, not only is it extremely hot, the Lagos ban on ‘Okadas’ has increased the traffic, the first coronavirus patient was found and to top all that up there’s no stable power supply.

Here are a few tips that can help you cope with the heatwave.

1. Strip Down

It’s hot, why are you wearing thick clothes? This is the perfect time to show some skin and show off your popping skin. It’s hot right now so it’s very important to avoid thick clothes and clothes that don’t allow your skin to breathe.

Avoid black clothes too cause they absorb heat faster than other colours.

2. Stay Hydrated

Drink a lot of water and cold drinks to help even out your body temperature and keep your body fluids stable. Avoid alcoholic beverages and caffeine, as both of these substances, can act as diuretics and promote dehydration.

A shower can also help keep your body temp cool and refreshed.

3. Watch What You Eat

Don’t eat large, protein-rich meals that can increase metabolic heat and warm the body. Eat fruits, they help.

4. Equip Your Self.

Perfect time to get yourself a portable electric fan, or any rechargeable fan or cooling equipment you can get your hands on cause you’ll need it.

5. Sunscreen

Apply sunscreen to help keep your skin moisturised and radiant. Sunscreen protects your skin from the UV rays from the sun. UV rays are dangerous to the skin as they can cause several skin conditions.

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