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A Quiet African Election In Botswana As Ian Khama Steps Down.

Botswana is one of the few African countries relatively free from corruption with a good human rights record, making it one of Africa’s most stable countries with a population of at least two million, they are the world’s largest producer of diamonds transforming it into one of the nation’s middle income, they also have one of Africa’s most-advanced treatment programmes all under the consecutive leadership of Ian Khama two, five year terms. Ian Khama, an English-born son of a king, a fighter pilot, a teetotaling bachelor, ruled the nation under a stable and uncontroversial tenor with his political message being ‘Africa Needs Democracy‘, setting him aside from other African leaders who have done the complete opposite by breaking the values of the nations they rule with corrupt political practices.

Khama’s outsized role in the party and national politics carries the weight that should put a severe strain on Masisi’s shoulders –  Sunday Standard editorial via Quartz

Ian Khama showed great character one most African leaders misplace once they get intoxicated with power by stepping down as president after serving his two terms giving way to a new democracy, led by Mokgweetsi Masisi who will be sworn in on Sunday, April 1st.

Botswana faces a myriad of challenges, such as unemployment, poverty, crime, HIV/AIDs, alcohol and drug abuse, amongst others. Therefore, my top priorities as a president of this country will be to address the problem of unemployment, especially among the young people who constitute the majority of our population – Mokgweetsi Masisi’s firsr adress to the people of Botswana.

Mokgweetsi Masisi is a lawmaker, who worked for United Nations Children’s Fund, also serving as Minister of Public Affairs from 2011 to 2014, later the same year, he became Vice President. Masisi’s rule is yet to be figured out as the country was in a stable yet fragile state and the next few years will determine if he has the right mind frame to take on the job of leading the nation into more great years despite the slow growth of the nation to an annual rate of 1.8% by September last year, added is the closure of the state-owned BCL copper/nickel mine in October 2016, and growing corruption within the ruling party.

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