African Countries With The Cheapest Mobile Data Plans


Africa is easily becoming one of the top internet-savvy continents in the world due to a steady increase in internet penetration in African countries. it’s no doubt that in the modern era the internet has become a vital part of our lives, with people all over the world relying on it for work, communication, entertainment, education, and business, especially in a post-COVID world.

For the continuous growth of the internet across the continent, Data plans need to be more flexible for most African countries that are still facing third-world problems. Expensive data plans curtail people’s access to the internet.

According to TechCabal, Consumer telecoms analyst at Cable, Dan Howdle, said countries with the cheapest rates of mobile data have excellent mobile and fixed broadband infrastructure, making it easier for service providers in those markets to be able to offer large amounts of data, which brings down the price per gigabyte.

The report featured more than 230 countries across 12 regions and compared the cost of 1GB from over 6,000 mobile data plans. The report pointed out North Africa (at an average of $1.53) has the cheapest data plans in the world. Algeria (16), Libya (30), and Morocco (45) are in the World’s top 50 while Egypt (55) Tunisia (59), and Mauritania feature in the top 100 global list. However, Egypt ($1.04), Tunisia ($1.09), and Mauritania ($5.56) charge more than $1 for 1GB of data.

We made a list of 10 Africa countries with the cheapest Data plans.

1. Sudan

Sudan came at number 1 overall with an average is $0.27 for every gigabyte of data.

2. Algeria

Algeria is second-cheapest at $0.51 for every gigabyte of data.

3. Somalia

Somalia takes the third cheapest slot on the continent, at $0.60 per 1GB of mobile data.

4. Ghana

Ghana came with an average of ($0.66) per 1GB of mobile data.

5. Libya

Libya ($0.74) per 1GB of mobile data.

6. Tanzania 

Tanzania ($0.75) per 1GB of mobile data.

7. Mauritius 

Mauritius ($0.75) per 1GB of mobile data.

8. Nigeria 

Nigeria ($0.88) per 1GB of mobile data.

9. Cameroon 

Cameroon ($0.90) per 1GB of mobile data.

10. Senegal 

Senegal ($0.94) per 1GB of mobile data.

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