Afropolitan Vibes
Afropolitan Vibes

Afropolitan Vibes 2018

Afropolitan Vibes by Bantu and friends has been critically acclaimed as one of the best live shows happening in Lagos, and they’ve held this status for five years running. Live shows bring an intimacy between the audience and artist, one that’s been an integral part of the Afrosound in Africa. Fela Kuti did this best with his Kalakuta crew who held a live event every week at the Shrine before he died, a ritual that’s been carried on by his sons.

We could say this has also been carried on by the band Bantu led by singer popularly known as ‘Papa‘ with his band who’ve been putting on live shows every month for the last five years at Freedom Park, a night of pure music and soul, no interruptions, no synthetic drums, all out there for you to relax and enjoy. With performances from a list of selected guests who have the talent of managing a live set (which is no easy task for any musician).

Lagos is becoming a big hub of attraction for more live shows, plays, concerts and other creative exhibitions which weren’t so mainstream years ago, Afropolitan Vibes aims to be at the center of this boom marking their five year anniversary in a new venue, Muri Okunola Park popularly known for the youthful radical concerts thrown there, Feel The Music, NativeLand, LemonCurd, to name a few. The show was a thrill with a younger audience brought not only through the change of location but the introduction of a new stage set for younger artists like Donli, Yinka Bernie, Joyce who graced the stage of the two-day event which also had MasterClasses and Live Dj Sets.

The first night was a bang as Styl-Plus gave a thrilling reunion performance and MI closed the night with a few performances by surprise guests and Bantu themselves in between. To sum it up, it was another great Afropolitan Vibe and we can’t wait for the next edition.

Adedayo Laketu

Adedayo Laketu is a creative inventor who's interested in curating a New Age for Africa across all mediums.

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