Androgynous Fashion Label Bloke Releases a short-film ‘About Nothing’


Bloke, an androgynous label has grown into an amazing fashion brand daring the basic ideals of what’s fashionable and what isn’t with it’s garments and accessories that easily mixes Quirky and Artsy with a masculine meets feminine aesthetic.

The Fashion house run by creative director and founder Faith Oluwajimi announces Bloke’s Spring- Summer 19 Collection Film – ABOUT NOTHING.

Collection Story:

BLOKE “ABOUT NOTHING” collection is an exploration of the idea that ‘Nothing is never “Nothing”. I believe that the word ‘nothing’ itself means something. Consequentially, ‘Nothing’ can’t be perceived as either black or white; there are grey matters in between. Using the BLOKE ethos as a lens to view the Avant Garde art movement Dada ( an art movement based on irrationality and negation of the accepted laws of beauty). I’m assuming that referring to ‘something’ as ‘nothing’ is ‘something’ because mentally you connect to an absence of an idea or object which is absent. Making absence a relevant substance. As a result of this assumption, garments designed explored an attempt to blur the boundaries of knit and tailoring, switching techniques between both knit and tailoring making use of black, white and grey colors drawing from the perception that ‘’ ‘Nothing’ can’t be perceived as either black or white; there are grey matters in between. ‘’ I collaborated on a poem with a poet that mirrored my assumptions perfectly which was silkscreened on fabrics and cut in a way to create a distorted reading of the poem on the garments, emulating the ‘dada art’ way of composing a poem.
Of what use are objects without poetry anyway?

Watch Below:

Film Credits
Writer/Director/Photographer: Robert Matuluko
Creative Director: Faith Oluwajimi
Translators: Faith Oluwajimi, Musa Ganiyy
Narrator: Musa Ganiyy
Model: Joe Obanubi
Editor: Robert Matuluko

Adedayo Laketu

Adedayo Laketu is a creative inventor who's interested in curating a New Age for Africa across all mediums.

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