Best New Music: Featuring Bella Alubo, KaniBeatz, & Tomilola

Tomilola – Mo Yato

Tomilola who used to go by Atawęwę, and has previously collaborated with Shalom Dubas and Jinmi Abduls, showing off her ability to tell autobiographical and reflective stories through her writing. Songs like ‘Want You To Know’ provided a look at how unafraid she was to look
inwards and share her feelings in a stark and vivid way.

For a fresh start, she combines RnB and soul with afro-fusion and captivating melodies as her writing captures the heart. A sound that is aptly captured in her debut single as Tomilola; Let Go which features The Cavemen.

Mo Yato her latest song expresses breaking away from typical judgment and accepting your difference. On Mo Yato, Tomilola’s voice is soulful and rich, flowing over the afro-fusion instrumentals, creating an upbeat self-love song.

Kanibeatz & Bella Alubo Feat. Psycho YP and Lava Lava – Gba Gbe

Picking up from her last year EP: Popstar, Bella Alubo who merges a blend of hip hop alternative r&b and pop using her sensual vocals, starts the year with the dance track Gba Gbe, aided by star features from the prince of Nigerian Hip hop: PsychoYP and Tanzanian singer Lava Lava.

Bella Alubo teams up with Nigerian British producer Kanibeatz for her first single of the year. Combining EDM and Pop using padded drums and xylophones, Gba Gbe is light and easy with Bella Alubo’s sensual chorus serving as a bridge bringing together PsychoYP’s trap verse and Lava Lava’s pop verse.

Kanibeatz has been popping up in the scene more often with his sporadic hits that show his understanding of music and his ability to fuse Afro-Sounds with other global genres.

Although the chorus feels lacking lyrically, it’s the sweetest sensual melody song over a beat aimed at getting you to dance, with PsychoYP delivering a stellar verse.

Bella Alubo & KaniBeatz have been rumored to be releasing a joint album together, titled ‘Popstar‘ making ‘Gba ‘Gbe‘ a very strong lead single.

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