Brave Nigerian Women are finding their voice on Twitter

In the early hours of July 3rd, much of the Nigerian millennial Twittersphere flooded with female users sharing incidences of sexual assault and rape perpetrated on them, what was different this time was that it signaled an air of action and conviction. Government names were called, usernames mentioned from personal accounts, risking all forms of responses positive and negative in the hope of getting their truths out.

Many used the opportunity to finally listen to these stories with an empathetic heart and applaud the bravery of these women; many also took to discrediting their stories, but I believe this is a smokescreen within a grander win for Nigerian society in the vein of more women feeling safe or free enough to expose their assaulters so we do not foster a culture of sexual abuse and silence.

Another thing that causes distress is that the heinous acts recounted in these stories are not farfetched in our society, in a perfect world, with their degree of vileness they should be, but this is neither a perfect world nor a perfect Nigeria.

Here are some of the highlights across the spectrum of this vehement discourse;

Progressing in a conscious society, men cannot continue to do stupid shit and expect to live the rest of their lives without consequences for their actions. All society asks, is to live with an honorable level of decency.


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