Brexit Day: The United Kingdom officially leaves the EU.

After three years of political debates, BREXIT is finally happening at 11:01 P.M GMT today. This means that the UK’s 73 members of the European Parliament will lose their seats in Brussels, UK nationals will no longer be no longer be citizens of the EU and there will also be a new coin. Tragic! For now, there will be no much visible changes as the U.K enters an 11 months transition period. Both parties will use this time to determine critical trade agreements and immigration rules.

Until December 31, the U.K will still remain a member state of the EU in all but name. Citizens will be able to travel around the continent with the same freedom as before and UK businesses will have access to Europe’s single market. BBC reports that there will be a series of events including marches, celebrations and candlelit vigils will be held by both Brexiteers and pro-EU demonstrators. The U.K’s Former Prime Minister David Cameron, who led the campaign to remain in the EU during the 2016 referendum, called it a “very big day for our country“, adding that he believed the U.K could “make a success of the choice that we made”.

Meanwhile in Brussels tonight, the Union flag will be removed from all EU institutions (one of which will be placed in a museum in Brussels) and senior EU politicians will give their bitter-sweet press briefings. As formal negotiations begin March 3, many believe the UK is more likely to back down than Brussels.

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