Chike Frankie Edozien debuts Nigeria’s First Gay Memoir

In a world where political correctness is demanded from persons, entities and states various countries in the world will rather choose sovereignty than conform to certain norms, especially norms associated with the LGBT [Lesbian Gay Bi-sexual, Transexuals] community.

Here in Africa alone about 30 countries are explicitly against homosexuality and have paired severe sanctions on the action. Against all these odds there’s a man who has chosen to express what it really means to be a gay Nigerian through literature. His name is Chike Frankie Edozien the author of “Lives of Great Men: Living and Loving as an African Gay Man”, the book documents what it means to be gay in a community that doesn’t adhere to such act.

The book has gained measurable international recognition from companies, literary figures and has fetched him a LAMBDA Literary Award for Best Gay Memoir. Let’s see what the literary figures have to say about the book,

Maaza Mengiste says:

“Frankie Edozien’s Lives of Great  Men is an incredibly powerful portrayal of what it means to be a gay Nigerian man. But what makes this book so outstanding is its tender and insightful exploration of all the complicated, unspoken bonds in our most intimate relationships. In prose that is at once engaging and inquisitive, Edozien holds the human heart to light and finds the ways it manages to survive despite it all.”

Chris Abani says:

“Frankie Edozien writes with an urgency that is compelling, with a vulnerable honesty that is disarming and impressive, and with elegance about his life and a subject so risky and yet necessary. This is not a memoir of coming out gay in Nigeria as much as it is a call to step into our humanity. A necessary and courageous book.”

Describing it as “a tenderly constructed cloth” in the Huffington post-Diriye Osman hails Edozien’s ability “to create tableaux and scenes that sing”:

“He focuses his pinpoint-sharp lens not only on his own experiences of being a gay Nigerian man, but embeds a very specific generosity of spirit and wisdom in his documentation of his same-gender loving African brothers across the continent and the Diaspora. Their greatness is derived from their fortitude, and it’s heartening to come across a book where marginalized members of a given community are being honoured with such tenderness and graça.”

The book aims to motivate people who are scared to identify as gay in a society that cares not for them, giving insightful experiences applicable to society also rendering helpful scenarios on how to survive.

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