Daily Distraction: Homely date ideas to spice up quarantine for lovers.


Social distancing is burdensome but it is no doubts the most ethical thing we can do to flatten the curve at the moment. Not many people are lucky to be with their parters during the lockdown; this simply means there’s a legion of sexually-starved folks out there and a sexdemic is in sight. The last time I checked, porn sites are making the biggest hits. 

For those who can’t relate, good for you. But quarantine love easily gets boring, and you are the reason we are publishing this post. We just want to help you spark more unforgettable memories and spice up your love life. Sex is great but there’s a long list of other activitie that could even bring you and your signifiant other closer and more open to each other.

There’s no better time to feel that intimacy than when the world is taking a break. All my ideas are minimalist and are quite easy to put together. Let’s get to it, eight date ideas for lovers stuck at home:

  • Take a (Virtual) Trip Around the World: crazy right? But it makes a whole lot of sense. You’re not a badass health worker so no doubts that you won’t be trying any time soon. That shouldn’t stop you from experiencing beautiful or interesting new places. All thanks to the internet. Madison Square Garden, Disneyland, The Louvre and Rome are some of the places you should visit. Don’t forget to try museums, zoos, and theme parks too.
  • Exercise together: The gyms may be closed but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find some new ways to sweat it out. Go running or walking together around your neighborhood or a local park (keeping six feet between you and others obviously), or throw on your workout gear and try one of these free online exercise classes at home.
  • Have a Candlelit Dinner: It doesn’t matter if it’s plantain and eggs, a candlelight dinner will set the mood for top notch romance. You can make dinner at home or order some take-out or delivery. Just make sure you enjoy the moment, it’s priceless. 
  • Host a Dance Party: Nobody is watching in your very own Quarantine House, so be your own DJ and vibe to your favourite band, song or artist. Instagram Live is a great place to fine e-concerts from some of the world’s biggest music legends, this is a whole new experience you need to unlock. 
  • Watch movies or even porn: Crazy right? The world may be ending anything soon but cut that self-righteous bullsh*t. Movies are great ad there’s lots of it to watch but porn isn’t a bad idea. It could lead to the best sex ever. Be. Responsible however.
  • Do Spa Treatments: You and your partner can throw on some slippers and bathrobes, and make a night of it. Put on mud masks. Slide into a hot bubble bath or manage your shower. Give each other some nice relaxing massages and relax your nerves.
  • Have a Game Night:Board games, card games, video games or dink games. This is a great way to relieve stress or anxiety. 
  • Drink and Do Art:Get some wine, pick a theme and paint or draw something. It’s really not a competition, just time to be silly and try something new. You can also head to YouTube and find a painting tutorial to follow. 


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