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“I’m diverse but I still maintain my originality” – SYNTIAT 

When an artist says their genre is diverse, it is important to pay closer attention to their craft. Diversity in music stems from the choice to evolve and discover new horizons. It’s a continuous journey to seek for a sound that folds into the artist’s feelings. Diversity in music means fusing indigenous rhythms and melodies and that itself is art.

From the emergence of Afrobeats in the late nineties which is undeniably rooted in Fela Kuti’s Afrobeat, the scene has embraced new sounds and attached that to its percussive roots. With diversity as the mission, undiluted originality and constant research becomes very important. In music, finding your unique style and immersing yourself in the craft of those with significant career success only makes an artist standout and be creative. 

Undeniably so, Nigerian award winning producer, Sarz has cracked this code. Beyond his sonic brilliance manifested in almost two decades of peerless hit songs, he’s now created an innovative platform to amplify the voices of artists who have chosen to be versatile. With The Sarz Academy, young artists are nurtured for this fast paced industry that is music. 

For an artist like Syntiat who uses her futuristic element, which is storytelling inspired by events surrounding her, it is understandable why she can’t be placed in just one category. Maybe it’s her knowledge of how listeners want something new and exciting which emanates from being tech savvy as a result of being a Computer Science graduate or maybe it comes from her distinctive trait of being a listener and observer rather than a talker. Whichever it is, Syntiat following her debut single “Rude” has something new for us and MoreBranches was sure to ask her about journey and creative process. 

Tell us more about Syntiat

My name is Sanni Sintiat Omodolapo, I’m from Kwara State and I graduated from Kwara State University in 2020 where I studied Computer science. I grew up in Ebute Metta- Ogba, Lagos State and I’m a Muslim. I started music a year and half ago but initially took it as a hobby. I took a step further by going to recording camps and from there I went to Sarz Academy. 

As a Computer Science graduate, were your parents in support of your career path? 

My parents never objected when I decided to take music as a career in fact, they gave me 100% support the very first day I mentioned it and ever since have been supportive.

How would you describe your type of music and source of inspiration? 

I’m diverse, I like trying out new sounds but still maintaining my originality. Despite being diverse, I tend to gear towards Afro-fusion, R&B etc. As for my inspiration, I get inspired by my environment; things I have experienced and what others are experiencing. 

Why did you join the Sarz academy?

I just went to the academy like I go to other camps. I didn’t know much about the academy until I got there,  met people and discovered how huge the platform is.

What has been the most significant thing you have learnt so far during your stay at the Sarz academy? 

The business part of it has to be the most significant lesson I have learnt. I gained more insight on how the music business works as well as, importance of building relevant relationships with people. Teamwork is another lesson I learnt. I was paired with 14 people and we had to learn how to work together in harmony. 

Your new single “Rude”, tell us about the song, the inspiration, writing and recording process.

Rude is not a personal experience it actually stems from things I have heard of and I must say the creative process was the easiest. I was coming out of a creative block so when I heard the beat, I scribbled down something in a note and when it was time to record, it was seamless. Though, I didn’t really like the song until I saw people’s reaction and then became accustomed to it. 

What is something you started the year as a newbie but can say right now, you have mastered or have done a great job mastering? 

My music generally. My writing skills have really evolved then working with Sarz to understand the music creation process is something I can definitely say I have mastered. 

I like to think I’m a patient person though I know when to react but I give people time to adjust; I’m more of a listener.

What are other significant things that have shaped your personality today? 

Perseverance. I like to think I’m a patient person though I know when to react but I give people time to adjust; I’m more of a listener.

This has helped me to navigate business and personal relationships even better because I tend to see the bigger picture. 

At Sarz Academy, everyone is treated equally, given equal tasks according to their strength 

What’s one bias in the industry you will like to address? 

Equality. Though I have not been in any biased situation nor have I been treated differently especially by men. At Sarz Academy, everyone is treated equally, given equal tasks according to their strength and I would like to see that continue even in the music industry as a whole. 

What should we be expecting next from Syntiat? 

Expect everything different when you think of Syntiat and by that I mean new sounds. I’m currently working on my first project and that’s something I want people to look out for. 

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