Drake breaks record with 50 billion streams across all platforms

Drake is arguably the biggest music star in the internet generation right now, over the years with each album he’s been breaking the record and expanding the reach of what an artist in hip-hop can do. He’s shaped a new generation of artist all over the world, Drake himself has made sure he stays ahead of the curve by broadening his narrative, niche, fanbase. This week he’s broken two more records. The Canadian rapper has made history after his new album Scorpion was the first to rack up a billion streams in a week, shattering one-day records on both Spotify and Apple in the process. The album’s song streams surpass Post Malone’s Beerbongs & Bentleys, with its tracks, played 700 million times in their opening week in April, Forbes reports.

A new release by the label Republic Records Media, representing Young Money, Cash Money confirmed Drake has reached a milestone of 50 billion total streaming across all global streaming platforms.

Scorpion has been on top at Billboard 200 for the fifth straight week and his single “In My Feelings” is topping the Billboard Hot 100 for a fourth straight week. Apple estimates Drake has surpassed 10 billion lifetime streams, and Spotify number from of chart-eligible streams may exceed 13 billion.

The internet has made our experiences with music very different, music streaming platforms have brought the music closer to us and made our access to new albums, singles way faster. Drake’s marketing and collaborations with platforms like Apple Music, #InMyFeelingsChallenge, genre-hopping, keep him in the loop. He’s been able to make sure his songs stay at the top of our streaming playlist, and no matter what anyone says his work effort and music is commendable.


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