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Fresh off his debut LP release, Blackmantayne couldn’t be happier. He tells all in this brief interview, from personal angles to inspirations and hopes

Who is BlackManTayne?

BlackManTayne is an African artiste from Nigeria, Osun to be precise. I like to call myself an artiste for the world.

What type of Music does BlackManTayne make?

I make Afro-Soul music, that’s my genre of music. Definitely Afro-Soul because I put a lot of emotion and soul into the music.

What inspired the choice to Afro-Soul?

My love for a lot of things inspires the music, you know? My love for music, my love for humanity, authenticity. I’ve got all types of emotions I feel sometimes; I like to express them in my music. Wanting to make the kind of music that stands the test of time, Afro-Soul is the best option for attaining that and that’s what drives me.

Who are the artistes that inspire you?

Growing up, I listened to a lot of indigenous music. It’s a very solid background listening to the likes of Kayode Fashola, Fatai Rolling Dollars and the likes. Growing older and even now, I listened to a lot of Sade Adu and Asa. I also used to listen to 9ice growing up as well. It was a lot of indigenous artistes I was put onto and I’d say the few people I mentioned inspired the direction in which my music is going and how well I could relate to their music. Replicating this connection through music with my listeners is a major driving force for me.

What type of events or people inspire your music?

Honestly, real-life inspires me. Real-life events I have been through, things I’m inclined to go through, you know? People that inspire me? That would be me. I don’t borrow from anyone’s voice because as a creative, I have a loud enough voice to relay my message to the people. But I definitely love Sade Adu though, that’s the Queen and I love her and her music a lot and she inspires me to stay authentic with my craft.

Stay with Me? What does this album title mean?

The title – “Stay With Me” is pretty much on the surface, Stay With Me could mean a few things but as the album art depicts, I’m asking you to stay with me as I grow and improve. I want to talk about the processes of growing up as a kid like me, a teenager like me and now an adult who is grown and ready for life. The album just means stay with me through this journey and see what I’m about and what I’m up to.

Does this album feature any different styles or sounds from what you usually do?

I wouldn’t say this album features any particular “new sound”, but I will tell you that I’m evolving. It’s a growth process you’re witnessing in real time. So it’s still the same me with the same sound, but better. It’s still the same template and it’s exciting because it’s the same style delivering the same messages in multiple ways.

Who are the people your music is supposed to connect to?

Honestly, under normal circumstances, my type of music is supposed to connect to everyone with blood running through their veins, people that have felt pain and have felt love. But it’s a different world, reality and people are more selective about what they listen to, or vibe with, and that’s not an issue because I have a target audience and it definitely includes people who think like me, that can relate to my story. My music is for people that love good music, authenticity and that organic element that makes indigenous music pop. My music is for anyone that can feed off my energy and strengths as a person.

You have new music coming, what should fans and first time listeners expect?

The album is coming and with it, I’m bringing a lot of beauty. There’s a lot of messages and stories that I feel really honored to be sharing. It’s going to be good music that makes you happy, it’s the time of our lives basically.

What would you say your music offers your listeners?

Food is needed for various reasons; you know? Growth, health, refreshment, and music is just like that, What I make is food for the soul and the way I see it, the music feeds your soul, if you let it.

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