Kippa, Backed by Target Global, Makes a Bold Shift from Fintech to Edtech


Kippa, a prominent Nigerian fintech platform, has made a significant strategic move by venturing into the edtech sector and unveiling its new learning platform, Kippa Learn. This unexpected transition, backed by Target Global, a notable investor in the tech industry, marks a pivotal moment for the company and the Nigerian tech sector as a wholes.

The decision to pivot from fintech to edtech comes on the heels of Kippa’s challenges in 2023, which led to the closure of its agency banking arm, Kippalay, and subsequent layoffs. The company, known for its focus on simplifying banking and bookkeeping for micro-businesses, has now set its sights on revolutionizing learning experiences through the launch of Kippa Learn. This new platform is designed to deliver impactful learning experiences in bite-sized formats using everyday messaging tools, catering to busy learners who struggle with traditional, time-consuming methods.

Kippa’s foray into edtech is underpinned by a clear commitment to innovation and addressing user needs. The company’s move to condense lengthy courses into daily, 5-minute lessons aims to significantly enhance completion rates and learner satisfaction, positioning Kippa Learn as a direct competitor to established learning management systems (LMS).

While Kippa’s expansion into edtech raises questions about the future of its fintech operations, the company’s continued focus on financial inclusion, as evidenced by its free plan for core services, suggests a dual commitment to both sectors.

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