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Korsah Achieves One Million YouTube Views for “Daily Bread”

Ghanaian Afro-hip-hop artist, Korsah, has reached a milestone with his latest hit, “Daily Bread.” This heartfelt track, which pays homage to his parents’ enduring struggles and sacrifices, has not only resonated deeply with his fan base but has also achieved the remarkable feat of surpassing one million views on YouTube.

Born as Owusu Nkwantabisa in Atonsu, a vibrant neighborhood in Kumasi, Ghana’s Ashanti Region, Korsah displayed determination from a young age. As the eldest of four siblings, he ventured into various entrepreneurial endeavors, from selling sachet water to repairing footwear, renting bicycles, and even managing a restaurant alongside his mother. These experiences instilled in him a profound appreciation for hard work and perseverance.

During his formative years in Atonsu, Korsah faced a crucial decision between pursuing a career in football or music. Following an elbow injury, he chose the path of music, quickly gaining recognition through street rap battles and dance contests. Though music wasn’t his initial intent, these experiences played a pivotal role in shaping his destiny.

In 2015, Korsah experienced a life-altering tragedy with the loss of his mother. In her memory and devotion, he dedicated his life to music. His breakthrough came with the release of “Snapchat,” a song that catapulted his music career into the spotlight, solidifying his journey as a musician.

In July 2023, Korsah unveiled “Daily Bread,” a poignant composition crafted by Leenington of the Fourteen37sound collective in the United States. This emotionally charged anthem serves as a heartfelt tribute to Korsah’s late parents and a window into his personal narrative. The song’s evocative lyrics have fostered a deep spiritual connection between the artist and his audience.

“Daily Bread” was conceived after Korsah had a dream about his parents, inspiring him to channel his emotions into a song. The track, characterized by a lively sound and Korsah’s commanding vocals, blends elements of pop and afropop. It stands as a testament to the indomitable human spirit’s ability to persevere in the face of adversity.

The music video for “Daily Bread” offers an intimate glimpse into Korsah’s life, artistic process, and the experiences that have shaped his hip-hop journey. Directed by Yinka Soda of Tinydoor and 610Music, the video paints a vivid picture of Korsah’s childhood in Atonsu and his musical aspirations. It showcases scenes from his life, gradually unveiling the layers of his remarkable story.

One of the video’s most memorable scenes captures Korsah deep in thought as he composes music in a room adorned with images of hip-hop legends like Tupac and 50 Cent. However, it is in the kitchen, transformed into a makeshift studio with his mother’s blessing, that Korsah’s passionate rap truly shines.

The “Daily Bread” music video masterfully narrates Korsah’s story, resonating with audiences on multiple levels. Achieving one million views is a watershed moment in Korsah’s burgeoning career, largely attributable to this video’s impact. “Daily Bread” not only showcases Korsah’s growth as an artist but also his ability to connect with listeners through his music. With emotional lyrics, a compelling message, and a captivating video, Korsah has firmly secured his place in the realm of Ghanaian hip-hop and afrobeats. The future holds even greater promise for this talented musician.

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