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Let me preface this by saying; ‘I am a major Lady Donli fan‘. Her songs are really soothing to the heart, from Poison, Kashe ni and a host of other vibes she created, for me Ice Cream Feat Tomi Thomas is one of her best.

Queen of the Alté clan, Lady Donli talks about her addiction to a man she can’t seem to get over as she relates the story to her love for ice-cream. The song was released in 2017 and saw her get major mainstream attention. So, like many others, I was excited when she announced she was dropping visuals to Ice Cream.

However, I think majorly the essence of making videos to songs is to enhance greatly our experience of the music and offer us an interpretation of the song. But this video was a long stroll from the song entirely. The video was overly exercised and the director was obviously doing too much. It is a regular Lady Donli video with amazing colors in the background. At some point in the video, I felt I was watching a remake of her previous video Kashe Ni.

We expected visuals that showed the energy of  ‘The Wallflower Experience‘, a synergy she and Tomi Thomas created, only for the expectation to be short-lived as all we got was raw and uncut footage of Tomi Thomas and nothing more.

The styling was all shades of Afrocentrism. And always trust Lady Donli to bring out all her energy to play. Director Kuddi did a good job as pictures were crystal clear, and camera angles were at the right levels.

Despite my being ambivalent about the video, YouTube Is telling a different story as the video hits 855views on the 2nd day of the release, for an alternative artist, this is somewhat a big fit. It’s Donli’s first official visuals for 2018, we can only expect better.

Written By Isaiah Micheal.

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