Meet The 5 Nigerian Women among WeAreTechCity’s TechWomen100 Winners


WeAreTechCity just announced their list for this year’s TechWomen100 Winners and five Nigerian women were among the winners.

WeAreTheCity is a platform that has over 100,000 professional female members & receives over 200,000 unique visitors & 12 million page views. The platform provides free professional & lifestyle advice to women across the UK & wider. WeAreTheCity also provide services to corporate organizations to help them to develop, attract and retain their female talent.

The organisation started this initiative in 2017 with TechWomen50, then expanding the scope this year to recognize more women breaking boundaries in tech.

We made a list of the Nigerian women that made the list, enjoy.



Urenna Okonkwo | Cashmere

Urenna Okonkwo is the founder and CEO of Cashmere, an early stage fintech startup. She is a beginner coder and is particularly interested in Artificial Intelligence, the ethics of AI and its future impacts on our society.

She has c5 years of experience in the finance industry, working as a financial adviser at Saunderson House, providing investment advice and managing the wealth of high net worth individuals and as an Investigations & Compliance Analyst at KPMG. Other than finance, she is experienced in building strategic relationships with small and large consumer brands, having managed partnerships and sponsorships with brands such as Estee Lauder, WAH Nails, No.7, Clarins, to name a few.



Simi Awokoya | Witty Careers

Simi Awokoya is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft and the Founder of Witty Careers.

Her role at Microsoft involves building the technical strategy for partners developing machine learning and AI software. Prior to her role at Microsoft, Simi was a software engineer at Goldman Sachs.

Simi Awokoya founded Witty Careers – an organization on a mission to equip Black and Minority Ethnic(BME) women with the skills to succeed in Tech. BME women are an underrepresented group in Tech and Witty Careers’ goal is to improve the representation and diversity. This year, Witty Careers has delivered quarterly Women in Tech workshops at Tech companies. These workshops give women the opportunity to learn practical skills for Tech careers, get opportunities to apply for tech roles and have a community for support.



Love Oyeniran | LRO Consults

Having studied a Social Science degree, my first role after leaving university was working with a workflow automation tool to drive process efficiencies. I designed and developed the application to integrate to other systems such as Slack and Tableau, and I was able to write my first lines of code! In doing this I was able to increase my understanding of the use of different programming languages, applications, and software.

Outside of my day job, I have been on many professional coding courses with Code First Girls where I was keen to learn as much as possible from GIT version control to connecting with APIs. This appetite to learn more proven invaluable and my most recent role as an RPA consultant, where I worked alongside a team who were among the first to put robots in an Investment Bank. I have worn many hats as part of an automation delivery composing a technical solution document comprising of Sudo code, which has not only provided a steep learning opportunity but had made my job both exciting and enjoyable.



Lola Olaore | AND Digital

Recognized by the Financial Times as an EMpower Top 50 Ethnic Minority Future Leader, Lola Olaore is a technology and digital enthusiast. Lola has acquired several awards for the work she has carried out within the Technology industry and has been named Forward Ladies STEM Rising Star London & South East 2018 and Code First: Girls “Ones to watch” for 2017.

Coming from a business background and transitioning into the world of technology, Lola is an advocate for attracting female talent into technology and demystifying that one needs to be from a technical background to get into technology. Lola’s passion for technology stemmed from being selected as Google’s Top Black talent to attending courses ran by Code First Girls and learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Git, GitHub, and Python.



Elizabeth Ajayi | PwC

Liz joined PwC a year ago as a Robotics specialist manager and has since demonstrated her strong passion for helping clients successfully adopt emerging technologies like RPA and Artificial intelligence. Within PwC, she has established herself as a technical team lead, taking responsibility for learning and development, capability excellence and most especially, encouraging/mentoring the female developers and diversity in the team.

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