Morien’s sophomore EP “Harmony On Your Lips” is what we’re bumping this holiday

Even though here’s a plethora of new music releases every day, there’s only a handful of exceptionally distinct songs/projects that cut the mark, and at Morebranches we’re always keen on putting the spotlight on these acts, whether underground or in the mainstream. The beauty of music is in its versatility and spontaneity; if it’s good, it’s good and that will always overpower anything else. This infectious offering is brought to us by an artist who goes by the name of Morien.

Morien fuses his Eastern-Nigeria influenced sound on any genre of music, and does it almost perfectly. He released his first debut EP under ETINS RECORD with tracks containing “Maria”, “Joro”, “Dance”, and “Etins” and has since continued to evolve and earn a growing fan base. 

On his latest release, Harmony On Your Lips, Morien is deliberate and takes full ownership of his flows, melodies, delivery and charisma. He sounds better refined from what you have heard before. This debut shows an entirely different and effortless style of the young talented singer with the tenacity to be a next big act. 

The groovy ambience created by the production or Morien’s compelling vocals puts you in the mood right from the first track “Dragon”. Just a bit deeper into the project, he totally elevates his enthusiasm and his vocal tone follows, as if his adrenaline is through the roof, and this recaptures your attention if you somehow even thought of getting distracted.

“Plenty Money” the catchy bubbly pop inspired by the hustle syndrome garnered the most numbers since release this Friday; the style and confidence that exudes through every verse and hook is as relatable and enticing as every record that ever topped the charts. The 5 track sophomore project is definitely worth your time this holiday and after.


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