‘Shadow’ is the First South African Netflix Original Series

Netflix has been doubling down on its mission to break into the African with a series of production deals across the continent delivering content made originally from the continent to their streaming platform.

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Netflix isn’t slowing down with the recent release of ‘Shadow’, the first original South African series for the streaming giant.

Shadow‘ is a superhero saving Joburg civilians from crime. The series is eight episodes long and follows the story of a superhero of the same name as he tries to save Joburg from its high crime rate. It’s directed by Gareth Crocker, and its main cast includes Khathu Ramabulana and Amanda du-Pont.

Shadow is played by South African actor Pallance Dladla, and has the same superpower as Luke Cage from Marvel’s Luke Cage—he can’t feel pain. He uses his special powers to save civilians from atrocities such as being stalked, cyberbullied, harassed and facing crimes the country’s flawed justice system can’t help them with. Shadow is the alter ego of an ordinary ex-cop, who, after his six-year-old daughter is murdered, he decides to take the law into his own hands, and becomes a vigilante.

Watch the series’ official trailer below.


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