Nigerian Woman Breaks World Record for Longest Crocheting Marathon

Chidinma Modupe Okafor from Lagos broke the world record for the longest crocheting marathon, setting a new record of 72 hours.

At 30 years old, Chidinma created a white dinner gown during her three-day “crochet-a-thon,” more than doubling the previous record of 34 hours and 7 minutes, set by Alessandra Hayden (USA) in 2021.

Having crocheted dresses and clothing accessories since her youth, Chidinma’s attempt was fueled by a deep-rooted passion for the craft and a desire to challenge her physical and mental stamina.

“I want to highlight the skill and determination involved in this craft and raise awareness about the benefits of crocheting,” she remarked.

Crocheting involves using a hook to create textiles or clothing by interlocking loops of yarn or wool. For this record attempt, Chidinma had to crochet non-stop, moving seamlessly from one ball of yarn to the next. According to the rules for ‘longest marathon’ records, she was allowed a total of two hours rest per day (five minutes per hour of crocheting) for eating, sleeping, using the toilet, or changing clothes.

“My preparation for the record attempt included intense training and mental conditioning,” Chidinma shared. “It required physical endurance and strategic planning to maintain a steady pace while minimizing fatigue. Additionally, logistical arrangements, like securing enough yarn and support staff, were crucial to the attempt’s success.”

Originally aiming to crochet a wedding gown, Chidinma adjusted her plan as fatigue set in, ultimately creating a versatile dinner gown. “I couldn’t push for extra hours,” she explained.

Inspired by fellow Nigerian Hilda Baci, who set the record for the longest cooking marathon last year, Chidinma is among several Nigerians making their mark in the record books. This includes Helen Williams (longest and widest wig), Ewa Cole (longest marathon singing Christmas songs), Clara Chizoba Kronborg (longest interviewing marathon), and Tonye Solomon (most steps climbed on a ladder while balancing a football on the head).

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