Our Need For Relevant News.

The news they say is the vision to move a generation towards brighter goals.

The news is highly relevant at this point we’ve gotten to. Not to indulge our leisure but for the upgrade of our skills set on a daily. It’s. something of a guideline towards an area of conscious improvement.

News will have you checking yourself on the daily, I mean, relevant news. Relevant to your area of specialization.

Pay no attention to the circular news, pay no attention to Donald Trump’s reoccurring woes. Filter and select what’s relevant to you. What will leave you better than it met you, what will challenge and channel your inner thoughts and yearns. Now is simply not the time for luxury and relaxation, not even if you achieve success on the daily.

Now is the time to work on your mind, that’s the only sure thing you’ve got for the rest of your days, everything else is an ephemeral, no matter what it is you hold most dear.

You own your mind, be it you decide to be the pilot or a mere passenger, it’s your daily workshop, it’ll be left in disarray on each day you choose to pay no attention to it.

A wise man once said, “the most important victory is to conquer one’s self.” The outside is a total and complete reflection of the inside.

It’s crucial and paramount to your long term sanity that you know and holds on to the fact that “change is slow”. Slower than whatever you can think of, but persistence makes change happen. One of my favourite line says “I can’t stop, I won’t stop, I don’t even know how to stop!”

Pick and chose what moulds you, remember only you can.

Subconsciously, the news is what humanity thrives upon. Nothing changes until you come upon a news that instantly brings about a yearning for change in you.

Not forgetting that news can be sad, can be happy, can be down right provocative. All these emotions must be channelled towards a creative nature instilled in each human.

The news is simply a form of documentation, taking note of happenings around us and in the vast global world. The news is how we move the culture, the growth of a culture is all depicted in news. The news is seemingly made fun once it relates and its of personal importance to you as a person.

The news is what’s new, what’s new is what the culture thrives upon, the news is for the youth, the youth is spontaneous and so the youthful ways reflect news.

So I reckon this, the news is free, it’s the real advantage this time and generation holds over the previous eras. News gets to you through whatever means. Seize it, analyze it and improve on it.

I leave it off by stating, “News is the catalyst for change, change is the fuel of humanity and humanity is all we are”.

Stay fueled, stay hungry:

We should understand what’s going on around us, to be inspired by the knowledge of our generation, our dream, our ideas, our companies and actions all challenging the notion: “Africa looks weak, dumb and disorganized.”

We will take back our narrative, we’re here to report on ourselves, to give you information from within.

More stories will be told exposing More Branches within the culture of our New Age Africa.

PS: Every new piece of information leaves us with something subconsciously, so why not have a subconscious bank of valuable information.

Akinola Oduwole

Boy laughs a lot. Unequivocally passionate about life. Fucking up a plain sheet with my ink.

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