Recall of Policemen From Private firms & Individuals

Recall of Policemen From Private firms & Individuals

Over a long period of time, the Nigerian police have had regular unpleasurable encounters with the people which you’ll probably have experienced living in Nigeria as they harass civilians through illegal checkpoints and random stops disguised under their sworn duty to protect the people, to top this off wealthy individuals and multinational corporations can acquire their service which is basically giving an average person with a lot of money access to state security, a privilege which is constantly being abused by the private individual and police assigned.

On Monday, 20th of March at a monthly meeting with the commissioners of police held at Abuja, the Inspector-General Of Police, Mr. Ibrahim Idris ordered the extraction of over 150, 000 policemen linked to private individuals/firms & public office holders, he also directed the return of all SPY plate numbers and a stop to the illegal use of sirens. He went on to establish a task force at the Force Headquarter under the Command of ACP Mohammed Adamu Dankwara to enforce the new directive, the commissioners of each state will be responsible for making the state police comply.

Police Cheif, Ibrahim Idris shared at the meeting;

In view of the current security challenges in the country, it has become expedient for the Nigeria Police Force to streamline the deployment of its personnel attached to political and public office holders, aimed at enhancing effective and efficient policing of the country. We cannot afford to have more than half of the population of the police in private hands. A directive for the withdrawal of all police officers deployed to VIPs, political and public office holders, with immediate effect, is hereby given. I am charging the commissioners of police with the responsibility of supervising such official deployment and thereby holding them accountable.

He then explained how any individual or firm in need of the services of the policeman could apply;

However, business entrepreneurs, multinational organisations, corporate individuals, and entities that require such services and are found to be worthy, will be considered from the Special Protection Unit (SPU) of the Nigeria Police Force on application for re-validation through the states Commissioners of Police where they are resident/domiciled. The Commissioners of Police are to profile and recommend if such applicants merit the services for approval. By so doing, I am charging the Commissioners of Police with the responsibility of supervising such official deployment and thereby holding them accountable.

Hopefully, this new direction will help position the police to the right frame of mind.

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