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RnB Princess Interview: “R&B is me in my most natural & unchallenged state.”


The art of R&B speaks the language of emotions in tandem with melodies and tempos used to serenade listeners in classic and modern times. One contemporary R&B artist on our radar is RnB Princess. RnB Princess thrives on weaving comprehensive stories with simple lyrics into easily understood pieces of work.

Her latest single “Be Gone” describes a sweet situation turned sour, from the perspective of a disgruntled lover who chooses freedom over discomfort. Fuga The Pirate occupies a concise rap segue amidst the ballad which was produced and sound engineered by Noiz.

As RnB Princess is in the process of reinventing herself, there’s so much of her to unearth, following her latest single, we chatted with her about musical beginnings, R&B, and what the future may hold.

How early did you realize you could sing?

I realised I had a good singing voice at the age of 8, even though I’ve pretty much been singing my whole life.

When did you record your first song?

I recorded my first song in January 2013. I was in Year 11 at the time and a music group in my set was looking for a girl to do the chorus of a song they were working on. I’m really happy that happened because it was the beginning of my love for recording music. 

How would you like people to feel when they listen to your songs?

Love, pain, happiness, inspiration, hope, vibes, just whatever emotion I was feeling when I wrote the song. But generally, I want people to always be able to relate to my music. In a way, almost as if they had written it themselves. 

What are some of your favorite themes to explore in your music?

Love. I’m a serious lover girl underneath the hard guy. But also Feminity, Hope, Politics, Family.

Are you strictly an R&B singer, or do you do more than that?

I definitely dabble into other genres, R&B is really just me in my most natural/unchallenged state. But yeah, I love so many different kinds of music and I will definitely explore all of it. 

How was the process of creating “Be Gone”?

So my producer, Noiz, sent me this fire beat at the start of lockdown. Immediately I heard it, I had formed a chorus already but the more I tried to develop the song further, the more I just hated it. I kept going back and forth with it for months until later last year when I decided to finally record it.

The night before my session, I decided to vibe to it a final time and I ended up writing a completely different song in 10 minutes. I was so confused and unsure if this new song was the better one. Got in to record with Moyo (Fuga The Pirate) the next day and as soon as he heard what I had done on it, he pushed for us to record that first. That’s pretty much how the song came about. It was also the birth of ‘RnB Princess’.

Who are some of your biggest influences?

This is such a hard question to answer because I’ve had so many music phases. My early life was filled with a lot of Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, Ashanti and Ne-yo. But Rihanna was the reason I wanted to be a singer. Her rendition of “Unfaithful” just solidified that dream for me. There’s also Banky W, Wizkid, Bruno Mars, Wande Coal, August Alsina, Alicia Keys, Tori Kelly, Simi and a lot more people. 

What are some of your challenges as a female artist in Nigeria?

Visibility is a lot harder and it’s a lot more difficult to prove that you’re actually good and serious. I also don’t like the notion that only one or two women can be at the top. It causes such an unhealthy competition between female artistes who can honestly all thrive together because we’re all so different. 

How do you feel when people compare female artists even when their art very different?

I feel very stressed about it because female artistes already have to work twice as hard to prove themselves, so the comparison just further limits us.

What kind of impact would you like to make at the end of the day?

I would like to be remembered as one of the greatest and most successful female singers out of Nigeria and Africa. I would also like to create more avenues for more creatives to freely express themselves and create a career out of their talents.

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