Scientists Discover Two New Cannabinoids 30 Times More Potent Than THC

As African countries get their shit together enough to see the very positive effects weed can bring to the continent, other countries around the world are backing ground breaking research to get the full potential of cannabis.

According to years of study more than 60 cannabinoids have been found and only —tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in the cannabis plant is believed to produce the “high” we all love.

Well, not for long, research done by a group of Italian scientists have recently announced the discovery of two new cannabinoids: THCP (tetrahydrocannabiphorol) and CBDP (cannabidiphorol).

The new discovery was made through advanced spectrometry—which is used to identify unknown compounds in cannabis—and analytical techniques better enable the identification of new cannabis compounds.

For most of the nearly 150 cannabis compounds, including THC, the chain is only five atoms long, the scientists said. However, THCP has a seven-atom chain, meaning that in its natural form it has surpassed the potency of THC. A cannabinoid with more than five atoms has never been previously reported as naturally occurring, CNN reports.

The THCP could potentially be 30 times more potent than THC, the scientists are still uncertain if the new compound will deliver any high at all though— it’s unclear until more test are done.

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