Senator Ned Nwoko is sponsoring a bill that would allow Nigerians to carry firearms

Nigerian politician Ned Nwoko has recently joined the growing debate about gun ownership in Nigeria, advocating for the right of Nigerians to bear arms. Nwoko’s stance adds to a list of other prominent political figures in the country who have expressed similar views, including the House of Representatives Majority Leader Alhassan Ado-Doguwa and the former Governor of Benue State Samuel Ortom.

The issue of gun rights in Nigeria is a matter of significant public interest and has sparked discussions about security, self-defense, and government policies. While some argue that allowing responsible Nigerians to bear arms for self-defense could help reduce crime rates, others are concerned about the potential risks and dangers of widespread gun ownership.

The ongoing debate reflects the complex social and political dynamics within the country. As Nigeria continues to grapple with issues of insecurity and violence, the question of gun rights remains a contentious and divisive issue.

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