Voices Of Music: Nigerian singer SOLIS will comfort you after a heartbreak

Everyone has a different story in regards to their introduction to the music industry as well as their rise to fame/ stardom. Could be an ex background singer, “I was in the studio once at that was it” or “I woke up one morning with the voice of an angel”, what makes SOLIS so unique is that she started her journey with YouTube covers and then discovered her strength and sound.

 Nigerian soul-singer SOLIS is the nineteen-year-old fast rising YouTuber turned artist who was featured on Odunsi’s melodramatic track ‘hectic’ off his debut album rare. She recently dropped her single “watch me” which is to many people, their heartache recovery anthem. We sat down with her on a Saturday to discuss her love for music and plans in the nearest future.

MB: Let’s start with Kammal, the girl whose YouTube covers we could not help but watch thrice. What made you come out of your shell and start posting covers and freestyles?

Solis: I have always had a passion for singing since I was five and writing since I was eight, so it’s something that has always been a part of me then I discovered YouTube and I fell in love eventually I just merged the two and viola.

Now we know Kammal, can you introduce us to SOLIS?

SOLIS means the sun in Latin and it’s significant to me in many ways, whenever I have bad days I like to watch the sun-set and when I lose hope sometimes the sun rises and so the sun became very symbolic to me. It reminds me that there is hope and there is light. I’ve also felt like there’s a light inside of me that I was meant to share so as SOLIS I want my music to serve as a gift to others, to give people hope, to make people feel peace and give them solace  *wink wink *.


Regardless of the fact that you have got only one single out to your name, how would you describe your sound?

I’m still discovering my sound but I always describe it as music for the heart. It’s an indie soul, lo-fi influenced, home recorded aesthetic.

Are there any artists who inspired you, your sound as well as played a role in your love for music?

There are a lot of artists that have influenced my sound both new and old. Beyoncé made me fall in love with music, I always wanted to be like her dancing and singing in heels with a fan blowing my hair but more direct influences include Amy Winehouse, Lorde, Billie Ellish, Sade Adu, Santigold, Clairo, Jorja Smith and Sia to mention a few.

‘Watch Me’ is a very emotional and relatable song, what are your inspirations when writing

My inspiration is my reality. Every word of ‘Watch Me’ was from a place of heartbreak and deep hurt, I mostly write about things I relate to or stories of others I am inspired by. I always want my songs to tell a story that’s why my lyrics are so important to me.

Solis performing at Odunsi’s Rare concert in Lagos last year. Shot by Manny Jefferson

What are your three favorite albums?

Beach House – Teen Dream

Frank Ocean – Blonde

Lana Del Rey – Born To Die

You only recently started making music professionally but you performed at a handful of concerts in December, does your growth come as a surprise to you?

December was incredibly overwhelming (in the best kind of way), exciting and completely unexpected. My heart is so full thinking about it and its really all thanks to the people that support me and see something in me, it pushes me to work harder and release more music.

Which artists and producers would you love to work with?

For producers, I would love to work with The Cavemen and GMK in the near future and as for artists I have my eyes on DAP the contract.

How do you balance your school and social life with music?

Balancing the different aspects of my life has been a struggle to be honest, I always seem to be planning and calculating in my head so I can make time for the things/ people that are Important to me. I just remind myself to breathe and take it one day at the time.

What artist/songs are you obsessed with right now?

I am obsessed with; boy Pablo’s ep – Roy Pablo

Favorite fish – Gus Dapperton

Billie Ellish – bury a friend


COIN – Malibu 1992

We love ‘Watch Me’, but can we expect something from you soon?

Expect some freestyles, maybe a single or two and an EP at the end of the year.

Where do you see SOLIS in five years and what plans do you have for your music?  

Whew, that’s crazy to think about, I see my first headline show tours around Africa and through the different continents. I see EPs, my first album, I see a fan base turned family, I see (as cliché) as it’s become myself being happy because I’m doing what I love for a living.

Feature Image By Moyosore Briggs

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