Spotify Launches Clubhouse Clone, called ‘Greenroom’


The tech industry over the years has basically thrived on companies ‘stealing’ each other’s features and improving on them to cater to their audience and whatever trend is currently loved. This happens a lot amongst social media companies, we’ve seen it happen with Mark’s Facebook empire copying Snapchat stories, Tiktok’ with Reels and many other examples.

The latest app currently being torn apart by replicas is Clubhouse an app that grew popular during the Covid-19 lockdown last year. Clubhouse allows you to listen to live audio conversations in what it calls rooms. Since last year we’ve seen Twitter copy the feature with Space and now Spotify is doing the same marking its entry into the live audio arena with an app called Greenroom.

Greenroom is not entirely a new app. The streaming service redesigned the Locker Room app — which it acquired back in March — with new bells and whistles. Apart from Locker Room’s live sports conversations feature, Spotify is also planning to add categories such as music, culture, and entertainment.

You’ll be able to log in to this app with your Spotify ID to listen to and host different rooms and to make the app stand out from others – like Clubhouse! – Spotify is adding facilities to record the conversation and chat tools. There’s also the ability to schedule rooms and get reminders for them.

At launch, Spotify Greenroom will be available in more than 135 countries on iOS and Android. In addition to the redesigned app, the company is also launching a creator’s fund for monetization. For now, Spotify has just provided a registration link for creators up and no other details.

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