Thandi Marie

Thandi Marie is Vulnerable Yet Empowering on “What I Should’ve Said”

The Canadian-based act’s latest release quickly follows her debut single “Brand New” which introduced her as a soulful vocalist who is not afraid to tap into her vulnerabilities in creating beautiful music.

“What I Should’ve Said” remains consistent with the theme of her introductory single. Speaking about the 2-track project, Thandi Marie said:

“I wanted people to get to know me a little more so I thought a two-track single would be a great way to do that. I’d describe these two songs as two sides of the same coin. They both speak of hard moments I’ve had to face in my life but in very different ways.”

Thandi Marie

“With the first track, Gone Away, I wanted it to be stripped down. I wanted my voice and lyrics to really come through. It is the type of song where you put your headphone on full blast, close your eyes and just let the music sway your body. It was very freeing writing the song. On the surface, it’s about missing someone that is no longer in my life. But the deeper message is that even though I miss them, I’m glad they’re not in my life anymore.“

“The second and final track, Motions has a different vibe than Gone Away. The lyrics have more sass and attitude. I love the trap-soul elements the beat has. I wrote it as a reassurance to myself that it’s okay to leave situations that no longer positively contribute to my life.”

Both songs were produced by Ian Holmes, who also produced her debut single “Brand New”.

Stream ‘What I Should’ve Said’ below:

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