The Jide Taiwo Releases New Book “E File Fun Burna: The Incredible Stagecraft of Burna Boy”

Nigerian writer, music journalist, and media executive, The Jide Taiwo recently announced the release of his latest book, “E File Fun Burna: The Incredible Stagecraft of Burna Boy.” This compelling work delves into the extraordinary live performances of the renowned singer Burna Boy and highlights why he stands out among his peers in the Nigerian music industry.

The book also features cover images of Burna Boy captured by Michael Tubes, a British-Nigerian photographer widely acclaimed for his exceptional portrayals of Afrobeats musicians in their element. Michael Tubes is the Creative Director of Sounds of Africa and Michael Tubes Creations.

In this concise yet powerful publication, consisting of six captivating chapters, Taiwo artfully examines the reasons behind Burna Boy’s remarkable stage presence and the allure of his shows.

As the first-ever author to compile a comprehensive compendium on Burna Boy or any of his contemporaries, Taiwo offers a unique perspective on the artist’s captivating performances, showcasing why he is a trailblazer in the world of Afrobeats.

Taiwo’s insightful analysis goes beyond mere admiration of Burna Boy’s talents. The book celebrates the artist’s ability to engage and captivate audiences, shedding light on the essence of his stagecraft and the impact it has had on his career thus far.

With cover images shot by Michael Tubes, “E File Fun Burna” is an invaluable resource for music enthusiasts, fans of Burna Boy, and industry professionals, providing an in-depth understanding of the artist’s artistic brilliance.

This marks Taiwo’s second book release, following the success of his debut work, “History Made: The Most Important Nigerian Songs Since 1999,” which was published in 2020. “History Made” narrates the evolution of Afrobeats through twenty-one iconic songs that have shaped the genre’s history.

As the pioneering writer to intentionally curate the history of Afrobeats in book form, Taiwo has established himself as a prominent voice in documenting and preserving the cultural heritage of Nigerian music. The Jide Taiwo’s “E File Fun Burna: The Incredible Stagecraft of Burna Boy” is a captivating read for music enthusiasts, scholars, and fans of Burna Boy alike.

The book is available in e-copy and for purchase via this link.

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