The Review: PhizBarz Releases His Sophmore Project ‘NWA’

Following the release of his sophomore project – NWA, PhizBarz shows us a more creative and sonorous side of himself. He bares his feelings on stripped back, self-produced tracks and tells a story of hustle, determination and dedication.

Born in Imo State, Nigeria, Obinna Nwabia, popularly known as PhizBarz, launched his music career in 2009, releasing different genres of music and uploading them to the internet. He experimented with Hip Hop, AfroBeats and AfroPop. He initially gained online recognition from his Instagram skits. Following that traction, he focused on sharpening his skills as a producer. He has collaborated with artistes like Mr Eazi, DJ Flex, Deetunes, DJ Breezy and many more.

The six-track project allowed him to show his diversity and his growth over the years and allows for him to masterfully exhibit his extensive range.

On this project, he touches on a variety of topics, like trouble in relationships, relationship dynamics and substance use, peer pressure love. The EP starts with a mid-tempo percussion track that carries the listener along with lyrics that are clear. It is then followed by the second track – “choco Milo” which was the first song off the EP to be released. It is a sensuous song that talks about relationship dynamic between the artist and his love interest. A common theme between all the songs on this project is how the songs blend into each other seamlessly. The third track is titled “peer pressure” and it is an eponymous song. It is followed by the fourth song which has a feature by Boybreed. The soft-tempo and percussion riddled beats are the theme of this project. This song has a feel of afropop. The artist shows his multilingual lyricism and a great appreciation for his traditional roots. He ends the project with a predominantly Igbo Highlife-inspired song featuring Kinsolo that talks about wanting a largesse and enjoying life.

Overall, the project is a solid reintroduction of PhizBarz back into the mainstream media and a testament of his skill and artistry.

In speaking with the artist, I was able to get some insights about the project and what it meant to him.

What did this EP mean to you?

The name of the EP “NWA” is the prefix to my surname – Nwabia and it was just a reminder about staying grounded and being true to myself. This EP is me. It is a combination of my artistry and my talent as a music producer. I put my all into this project and its straight from my heart.

Where were you mentally and emotionally when making this project?

I can’t say that I had just one emotion when making this project. Each track was made at different times so I can’t really say I was emotionally inspired when making those songs. I wanted each song to have its own feel and inspire its own mood when you listened to it. I wanted each track to have a definitive vibe.

What message did you want this project to pass along to your listeners?

I didn’t want to hold on to so much music. I had been recording and due to the COVID-19 lockdown and the restrictions that were put in place, I was amassing a large amount of content and I just wanted to put out music. I wanted to keep up the work rate and not wait on anybody because it’s my career and journey and nobody is going to do the things, I can do for myself for me.

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