The Revolution Is Here; Better Be Ready.

Do you feel it? Can you sense it in the air? There is something different about it. There has been a shift in our society; an upheaval. An ongoing revolution that would change the way Africa is viewed by the world forever. From musicians across the continent who are recreating the ‘African sound’ to tech gurus launching satellites into space. From writers that are not afraid to bare it all into the pages to athletes that are putting Africa’s name on the map. Hope fills the air and can almost be smelt, almost be touched.

What one can say about this generation is that we are constantly breaking boundaries. Barriers are being charred. For us, there are no limits. There is an unlearning of ideologies engendered by neocolonialism. There is the shedding away of the unhealthy aspects of our culture and a new culture is being created. Like a baby learning to walk, we are learning to do away with patriarchy and misogyny which have been etched deeply into our subconscious. Being African is no longer something to be embarrassed about, no, it is an honor to be African.

Age is just a barrier’ this statement has never been more accurate for this new age. Two years ago, I read a book written by a fifteen-year-old and I was completely blown away. Thousands of young people everywhere creating something new without letting age or anything else inhibit them.

Go to school, pass your exams, get a job and you will be successful’ — these rules don’t apply to us anymore. This is a time for entrepreneurship, with startups springing up all across the continent. Creatives are now finally being appreciated and there is a lot of emphasis on pursuing one’s passion and dreams. Here, now, history is being made. This is the future. History is being made in the future. It no longer suffices to say we are the leaders of tomorrow. No, we are the leaders of NOW. And as time moves in a whirlwind, you can’t afford to be left behind. You can’t afford to slack. It just won’t. be right. One must, no matter how little, contribute to this revolution, contribute to the history that’s being written even if all you do is add. a full-stop here, a comma there.

Titilope Odeyinka

Writer. Food aficionado
I live for the plot twists life has to offer.

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