This is not a review, but a plea, to Love, Damini

Right now, to “Love, Damini” shouldn’t be complex for the world to carry on as this project couched his splendid dexterity. His ability to express confidently goes to the top of the roof, with telling his story through and through without guilt and clarity, brilliance, and honesty.

Evidently, Damini, deserves to be loved. Again, he becomes a voice for his home people, even for himself as he wears his vulnerability on the sleeve and opens up himself and hopes you understand that he has nothing to hide yet, his ability to go back to tap from past cultural heritage to weave strong sounds, with samples and stories connecting each track to another, it wouldn’t be a travesty to Love, Damini.

Love, Damini because he has all the brave artillery that perfected this project. With his own ability to stir your emotion with his music, taking your through a journey of many cocktailed sounds, different stories collaged expressing a state of being including, fun, profanity, his woman and love, himself as well, his people and more.

Love, Damini because he has been taking the culture to plains high enough for glorification, with electrifying, nostalgic, and energetic performances he exudes on every stage he steps on, each fan, accentuates and scream loud their love for Damini Ogulu.

Love, Damini for being himself, being true and sticking to the game since 2012 to date. Love, Damini for being a ceaseless instrument of art poised for instruction, information, enlightenment, education, fun, and still being that huge calf of inspiration for his generation as some revere him as Fela Kuti’s reincarnation. Love, Damini.

Love, Damini for being a hero, not just being the people’s voice but a distinguised creator amongst his contemporaries. I mean, every project his dished out is very significant and leads a genuine purpose. Love, Damini for always putting you, Africans, both the older and younger generations in consideration for almost every album his released.

If you don’t remember to Love, Damini recall that he is “Leaving An Impact for Eternity,” he is true and this is the exact same title to his debut studio album, it means that whatever he does he almost always have you at the back of his mind.

To say that he loves his art as much as he loves to makes so much fun from it, explores the music as much as he shares great love with you often. Even when his journey wasn’t all that rossy starting from Port Harcourt he shared the music, he sang with his heart out to every LeriQ’s produced instruments at the time under Aristokrat’s label imprints hoping that one-day he’d sell out the big halls and stadium, it’s truly a dream come through for Damini after these few years that had past. Love, Damini.

This is not a review, neither is it written for public traction on promotional basis for Burna Boy. This is my letter to the culture, and it’s people. Love, Damini.

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