#UndergroundShuffle: This week’s UndergroundShuffle playlist spotlights new music from Ilona, The Murz, Mona Queen, Kenah, & More

#UndergroundShuffle playlist on Morebranches takes another shape this week in spotlighting amazing records from underground acts. We at MoreBranches help you sift through amazing songs from talented underground acts cutting across every genre and through Africa with our playlist every Wednesday. Seat back, and relax as we walk you through a couple of these amazing records and their creators. This week’s releases take another different shape.

For Ilona’s ethereal and seductive single “Comforter,” the fast-rising Nigerian male artiste infuses pop and watery piano instruments to unveil a part of his vulnerability. On this very personal track, he’s requesting a comforter. Elsewhere, The Murz tells his lover not to do him corny as he shines brightly with his third 2022 release titled “Corny.”

Mona Queen heads on with her new release possibly to create another refreshing anthem for Nigerian youths. The song is tagged “Sapa Anthem.” As Kenah, explores her creative pockets on her recent 6-track extended play titled “Uncover.” The fast-rising female Afrobeats voice renders the dance-infused “Foreigner,” aptly.

Other notable releases this week include songs from Most, Fozter YP, Nano Sharay, Sal Ly feat. CallOutMusic, Martinsfeelz, Zen Univrse, Slimsyxx feat. Mo’Gunz, Laolu Babson, and more.

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