Voices Of Music: Odunsi’s ‘Alté Cruise’ Feat. Zamir & Santi.

I wonder where the sample at the beginning of the track was gotten from. Odunsi’s signature Adlib is something I’ve come to look forward to hearing in the past year on any track at all and he doesn’t disappoint with his verse. This track had a lot of hype before it dropped and it’s only right because it’s nothing short of a Classic. Zamir came in with that Motorola flow. These guys are effortlessly creative. The visuals of this track is nothing short of s masterpiece shout out Santino on the Reels.

Speaking of Santi I think his verse was the highlight of the whole track, I mean everyone was exceptional but this is a signature Santi beat. If you are a lover of good music this track is something you want to have on your playlist. “Shout out my nigga the Engine“,  Alte Cruise is a mood.



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