Voices Of Music: AYE! releases his debut single.

We know the man AYE! for his uniqueness in picking the perfect songs to lift our moods when he’s on the deck at a party, concert, art exhibition or his studio. His understanding of music is peculiar to the way he sees life, he’s searching for happiness and emotion to keep his audience in a magical land of euphoria as he reaches deep for what’s breaking your soul from feeling freedom.

AYE! has been DJing for a while, owning his sound and creating a bigger stage each time he performs under his collective Village Sound Systems. For a while, he’s been pushing against the barrier of being just a DJ, registering himself as a full-on artist/producer and his debut single ‘Believe‘ proves this without a doubt.

AYE! explains ‘Believe’ as feeling ‘I got it contemplating over the idea of a sunset and produced that feeling into a song. I could have done more to make it appeal to more people but my heart stopped me. It reminded me that trees don’t fight to be part of a forest.’

Talking to us about the inspiration, he puts what he feels in five quotes:

  • I feel like there is a middle ground between extroversion & introversion when I listen.
  • I feel like I’m been driven through a landscape – the landscape being someone’s summarized story.
  • It definitely makes me think of the marriage between natural & man-made things. These blends make me emotional.
  • It makes me feel it’s possible to belong to a community – regardless of your peculiarities.
  • It reminds me that a fresh future for electronic African music exists. It brings this hope closer to home.

For his first single, AYE! creates a soulful sample using his producer chops to keep your heart where he needs it to be. If this doesn’t make you Believe in something I don’t know what will.

Adedayo Laketu

Adedayo Laketu is a creative inventor who's interested in curating a New Age for Africa across all mediums.

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