Voices Of Music: Golddrummachine releases two singles

One half of Nigerian alternate band To Name A Few, Tobe Oti, aka ‘Golddrummachine‘ a name that serves as his alias when he makes music is back to bless our ears with his distinct, ear-bending, sonically explorative sounds that make him one of the most interesting minds making music in his generation. Rarely does his release music but when he does you rest assured it’s something worthy of his hiatus, he’s back this time with two singles which he’s dropped in the span of eighteen days. ‘Blessed for many moons’ & ‘Kitsune’ give us something to hold on to, and they both make for a wonderful listening experience.

Golddrummachine’s music depends fully on his emotions, it’s evident in his production which always has a signature melody that allows him to glide his words into your mind. ‘Blessed for many moons’ & ‘Kitsune‘ takes us on an emotional journey of, heartbreak, female adoration and living as a man with his heart on his sleeve. Both songs seem to be attached to a project he’s been teasing on his social media #PLAYBOYCATALOGUE. It’ll be exciting if it’s actually a project giving us an opportunity to see him explore more of his sonic range, production, and maybe a few songs from the band.

Listen to Kitsune & Blessed for many moons on his Soundcloud:

Adedayo Laketu

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