Wetin You Sabi? By Ruby Okoro [featuring Lady Donli]

Ruby Okoro

Often do we judge others based on things we assume, we think we know their pain or understand their joy. There’s a lot going on around, who are we to place our views on the world.
Change is coming and we must recognize this globalization happening around us.
To be born black was distant and wrong, it was a pain.
No longer.

Sour Wine.

Expression is not free, you’re a slave to the politics.
The leaders are still broken, Fela died for what ?
How do you relate ?
I want to speak of something other than what my people face but I’m stuck.
No one can hide from the shame.
Gifts grow all over yet we neglect their beauty.
Why seek another when you have it all ?

Ne Plus Ultra.

What’s today ?
We need to find our way, don’t tell me I can’t be what I want to be.
Queens shall slay their melanin.
Kings ride against wrong teachings, create a better way forward.
This was written, destined some say but it’s poetry with images.

Jungle Justice.

Home is home.
Home is black.
White will always crack.
Stop saying we can’t be happy, stop thinking we were born to be slaves.
This is our space.
Go away before we call out our gods.
History was never on our side, no more.
Is this change for real this time ?


I’m thankful for everything we’ve achieved in Africa so far.
It’s depressing we had to go through so much pain, wars, death, bad leadership, misguided ideologies, colonialism, and all that fucked up shit.
A lot of african countries are still fucked, I’m a Nigerian and Nigeria is fucked.
I’m thankful still cause I’m alive, I’m breathing now.
There’s something happening around, something beautiful.
Our Africa rises.
Can you feel it ?
Can you feel it ?
Only a few can understand.
Wetin you sabi ?

Ice Creams melt, be strong.


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